Friday, December 26

MERRY (belated) CHRISTMAS!!!!

Wesley and I just wanted to send out a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our friends and family who frequently view our blog. It's nice to know people so far away still care about our lives.

We will be flying back to DC on Sunday and will have many catch-up blogs to fill you in on our December!!!! We had birthdays, hair dying, ski trips, family and friends. Stay tuned!!!

Friday, December 12

Michigan people are RUDE and they gots to go. All day today in the office, we have had people calling us complaining about the Auto-Bailout. Most are from Michigan and not happy that the Senator voted against the bailout. They all ask “Does Mississippi not care about Michigan”? I want to reply, “No, we don’t.; do you care about Mississippi?” At first they were frustrating me, but now I eagerly wait for them to call so I can use my southern accent to be sarcastically nice. You know what I’m talking about. Other than that, life is good. Tomorrow, we head to Vail for the Houk family ski trip. Can not wait. It is going to be amazing. Lo and I have tried to pack and get ready all week, however, that was unsuccessful. So tonight, we will be last minute packing. This all post dinner with the Victors. Nothing like waiting until the last second. But, hey, who doesn’t like time constraints? Since my last post (an accurate one at that), Ole Miss dominated State AND I loved it. What better way to spend the day after Thanksgiving than watching the Mighty Rebels destroy their counterpart?

You are not going to hear from us for about week, we apologize but it will be rather hard to blog while on the slopes. Don’t worry, we will be back.