Friday, October 29

happy one month birthday, hadley monkeee geurl

Is this not the CUTEST BABY you have ever seen?!!! This is a belated congratulations and happy one month birthday to one of my best friend's, Ellen Fritts, sweet precious adorable baby girl, Hadley Elizabeth. Wesley and I are sooooo happy for Ellen and Danny and seriously love Hadley as if she were our own. We can't wait to meet her on NYE. She's my sweet pink monkee geurl and I love her so much. I hope yall enjoy these beautiful pictures of her! TGIF. love, lo

8 days old and already adorable. Just peering around... she must have seen an awkward. :)

Monkee girl doing a twist

Just hanging out.... loving bath time

Enjoying her one month bday w/ her beautiful mama

Its Halloween at the United States Senate

And just how does the political world do Halloween? By dressing up as a piece of legislation.....obviously. One of my co-workers dressed up as a "bill" and came to work. He rode the subway, went through security, and roamed the halls of the Capitol and Congress. I leave you with a few pics from The Adventures of Bill....

(L)I don't think they saw me, do you? (R) Do I look like George?

(L) The Rotunda (R) I love America!

Sorry Mr. Capitol Police, I just need a second to relax. That's all.

This is where I am at my greatest.

Here again

We the People, right?

Just a few of my friends, the Senate Pages.

Very Senatorial, right?

Thursday, October 28

Another almost the weekend post.

I was just thinking this morning that things have been going pretty well lately. And that I am pretty happy with my life. Here are a few things that are making me happy these days....

- DC in the fall. The weather, the leaves, the outdoor restaurants to drink wine. It is seriously the best time in this city. If you haven't experienced it, you should.

- This blog. This couple lives in DC and actually on Capitol Hill. I might start to stalk them... Shh. Could they be any cuter?!!! If I am half as cute as she is when I am 30 weeks pregnant, I might cry with joy. Check them out and you will want to stalk/be them too.

- Cooking. I really have found a little love of cooking. In high school and college, you would find me as far from the kitchen as humanly possible. But being married for three years has taught me two things (well, not just two... LOTS of things... but this is about cooking, people): 1. Eating out is expensive. 2. Eating out with a man who eats like a garbage disposal in a city that costs an arm and a leg for an appetizer is even more expensive. So to that end, we have really embraced cooking at home. I started off basic and now I have really expanded to all sorts of recipes. I have also been cooking a lot of vegetarian, and adding some meat in there for Wo every once in a while. Now, let's not get crazy. I have just been following recipes. I tried to make something up.... once.... and let's just say I was overly ambitious. I will try to continue adding some of the recipes I have been making to the blog. :)

- Farmer's Markets. This kind of ties in with the above "what makes me happy", but is it weird that I could walk around and stare at produce all day? Don't answer that.

- Boots. Seriously people, I have a problem with buying boots. And why do they have to come out with all these adorable styles? Over the knee, lace up, wedge, ankle, stacked heels, riding boots... the list goes on and on. And I must have them all.

- J.Crew magazines and email. Damn you, J.Crew and your adorably put together outfits and sale emails tempting me to spend my husband's hard earned money on clothes that I don't need. But it still makes me real happy... and sad at the same time. #imbroke

- Twitter. Enough said. It's like publicly accepted word vomit. Who doesn't love a good overshare?
- The thought of the holiday season right around the corner. I am already planning a span of activities for our Thanksgiving trip to Nashville. I am thinking the Boulevard Bolt immediately followed by Bloody Marys? Sounds good to me. Friends and family, can't wait. Then we will be off to Columbus for Christmas and then over to Jackson for Margaret and Peyton's NYE Wedding Ball. :) Fun times ahead.

- And let's be honest.... my birthday is a month away. And don't worry, you won't forget because I will continue to remind you for the next month. My birthday, in turn, means Wesley's birthday which is also real fun. :)

- Three years. And after all the holidays, birthdays, etc. THE wolo three year wedding anniversary is at the end of the tunnel. Can you believe it has been almost three years?! I can't. Wesley can. Sometimes he says he feels like it has been 20 years, but I will take that as a compliment. That just means he can't picture his life without me, right? :) All of this to say that sometimes I look around and remember that I am so lucky to have a loving husband who loves me for exactly who I am. Lately, I have been thinking about this and it makes me, well.... just real real happy. That's all, folks.

love, lo


I wish I was a ballerina. But I'm not... who am I kidding?! But could this picture be any more amazing. I love it. Thank goodness it is almost the weekend. :) love, Lo

Wednesday, October 27

One Liners That Really Hit You in the Gut

You have to realize that the unpleasant obstacles in your life are often God-ordained opportunities to make a difference. - Author Unknown

Tuesday, October 26

Old Skewl Music

While at work today, I decided to play a little Pandora. I clicked on my Widespread Panic station and began my easy listening. A few hours into it, the song below came on and I was instantly taken back to the 90's with this tune. I had to post because I am sure it brought many of you the same happiness and like myself, have not heard this song in some time. Enjoy.

music found on youtube

Monday, October 25

In Spirits with the Upcoming Election

A funny from MS Mom. Thanks for the early Monday morning laugh. Oh how funny political jokes have become, now that I work at the mecca of the political world.

An elderly man suffered a massive heart attack. The family drove wildly to get him to the emergency room.

After what seemed like a very long wait, the ER doctor appeared wearing his scrubs and a long face.

Sadly, he said,
"I'm afraid Grandpa is brain-dead, but his heart is still beating."

"Oh, Dear God," cried his wife,
Her hands clasped against her cheeks with shock.

"We've never had a Democrat in the family before!"

Friday, October 22

Because its Friday

And this song makes me happy. Thanks Jackson for introducing it to me from the Roosevelt Hotel. Big Balla! $875 bottle service! Yey-ya!

music found on youtube

Thursday, October 21

Sometimes the smallest things mean the most

This morning, when our alarm went off at 5:05, the first thing Lo did was hold my hand. It may not seem like alot, but to know she thinks about me right when she wakes up, means a great deal. In the end, it really is the small things that make the biggest impact.

I truly have found my best friend. Have a happy Thursday.

I'm feeling better. Thanks for asking :)

Until Next Time....

Wednesday, October 20

Happy Birthday PapaCat

I'm not feeling very well today. Actually, I feel awful. Running at a mere 57%, but needed to give a shout to my father, who celebrates his day of birth today. I hope he has many more to come. There is nothing better than a little reminiscing on your birthday to make you realize just how old you have become. I am uncertain of the age of this photograph, but can be safe to say it was captured during the 70's.

Until Next Time...and hopefully feeling better

Monday, October 11

wolo columbus day

One of the few perks of working for a government (believe me, they are few and far between), is that we get all the pointless holidays off. It is amazing. Wesley and I took the long weekend opportunity to stay in, cook and catch up on all the shows that we haven't had time to see. This morning we got up and worked out, went to Starbucks and I came home to make homemade brunch. We had a little hiatus to our morning................... since Wesley had to run up to his office to take a meeting that he had accidentally scheduled on his day off. I decided I would take the morning to make something that I hadn't made before - pancakes from scratch. I am obsessed with Pioneer Woman's recipe website Tasty Kitchen. I found these Whole Wheat Raspberry Pancakes and they were wonderful. Or would have been wonderful if I actually knew how to cook. I think they look a little bit more like cookies - I wish they had turned out fluffier. Even though they had to stay in the oven to keep warm for a hour............ , I think they were relatively edible.

Things I did differently.... or would do differently next time:
- I used all white whole wheat flour instead of the mix of regular flour and whole wheat flour.
- Always add the wet mixture into the dry mixture instead of the other way around.
- I used 1/4 cup measuring cup to scoop the mixture into the skillet and they turned out a nice size.
- The tip in the recipe to add the fruit after you put the mixture in the skillet is a good tip. I was able to add raspberries for me and chocolate chips for Wesley. I would try blueberries next time because the raspberries were a little big and didn't really soak into the pancakes and they ended up burning on the pan.... and smoking up my whole kitchen.... and setting off my fire alarm.......
- When I mixed the dry and wet ingredients together, I over whisked them hence why I got flat cookie-like pancakes. Next time I would leave them a little lumpier. Fluffier is better.
- Someone needs to buy me a griddle.

All and all I think I was semi successful. Here is picture of my pancake-cookieish mountain.
Busy week coming up.... off to NYC tomorrow night until Thursday night for work and then a full weekend. Keep on truckin'....

Saturday, October 9

The Great Pumpkin Race

Sometimes I get nervous about new things... or things I don't have control of. Actually I always do. Well, I always get nervous before races. I called Wesley out in the car on the way there because whenever he gets nervous he always hits the breaks. Literally. If we are walking toward something he isn't sure about he will literally back up. On the way to Reston, VA for our race today when we weren't sure where we were going he would literally hit the breaks. Well, I clam up. I cross my arms, cross my legs and look around like a deer in head lights. I also talk a lot. I like to give myself pep talks out loud... but to other people. Example:

Lauren: "Wesley, well this is just for our personal best. I mean, it doesn't matter how we do against everyone else, right? It is just for fun." (Verbal affirmation for myself so that I won't immediately walk away and/or just quit the second I cross the start line.)
Wesley: "Yes, dear (as he secretly laughs to himself because I'm such a crazy ass)."

Today ended up being a beautiful fall day in Reston, VA. Even more beautiful because I beat Wesley. Yes, you read that right. I beat Wesley (and no Mom, he didn't let me win!). Fair and square. I would even venture to say that in the last 0.2 mile I whooped about 10 men. Not to brag... or to kinda brag. I finished 46 out of 803 women and 12 out of 147 in my age group. I'll take that. Doesn't really matter - we had so much fun and enjoyed something new. Here are a few pics to share... don't judge my sweaty hair, people.

The Secret Garden Pumpkin Patch

So I know any of you that follow us on Twitter, Facebook or our blog (yes we complained for a really long time......) saw our quest to find an apartment in August. We really appreciated all the comments, retweets and texts of encouragement as we had to move out of our apartment of two years :( yes i did cry when we left... were homeless and taken in by great friends for a week, left all our belongings in another wonderful friend's house for the week and moved in across the street bit by bit. If I took one thing from the whole moving experience, it was truly seeing what great friends we have made in DC. Between housing us and our things, we couldn't have asked for more. So after all the trauma, we have left everyone in the dark about our new place! It has finally come together after a month. Moving created one other problem for us - we had no furniture! All our other places were furnished and all our furniture has been sitting in my parents garage for the past two and a half years (thanks!!!!). Luckily, my WONDERFUL mother packed a uhaul with a couch and a bed and other things and drove the 13 hours up to DC. Isn't T the best!!! I took off work and the two of us not only parallel parked a 16 foot uhaul on a DC street, but unloaded the entire thing, unpacked almost every box and returned the uhaul in five hours. It was awesome. T & Lo Powerhouse. Maybe we should start a company? Or not
.... So anyway, a month later here are some pics of our new apartment. Hope you'll come visit :)

recipe of the week: acorn squash

Okay, so I am not claiming to be any sort of chef or cook, but I have really started to enjoying making things lately. Even though I am forced to cook in the very back of our apartment in the kitchen that we like to call a "fun house kitchen" since our apartment seems to get smaller the farther you walk back and the cabinets sort of lean in on you........... I have somehow managed to make a few edible dinners. I mean, I am just basically following recipes and seeing what happens. I attempted to make something up earlier in the week (clearly too ambitious...) and it ended up being a running mess, but my sweet adorable husband gobbled it up and told me it was good. I know he has to say that and he is a garbage disposal so he will basically eat anything. ANYWAY, with my new found love for cooking and especially anything to do with seasonal vegetables, farmers markets, locally grown food........ I am going to start doing a recipe a week or more like a vegetable of the week. I was really super duper sad to give up all my summer fruits and vegetables (tata summer squash and wonderful tomatoes......) and have had to adapt to all the fall produce. This is the second time I have made this, but this Southwestern Stuffed Acorn Squash is awesome. It is really filling and is simple to make. You can make it vegetarian by omitting the turkey sausage, but I actually added a little lean ground beef instead to Wesley's and he really liked it. Also, I overcooked the squash a little bit in the oven to give it a crispy top. I like burned food, okay? Serve with a side of sour cream (duh) and you've got a meal. It may not look pretty, but it suuurreeee tastes good. Happy Fall!

Friday, October 8

On Friday's

I get this type of email. Gosh, I love her.

Subject: new topshop thangs