Tuesday, March 30

When You Least Expect It

Not sure where I am going with this post, because I honestly I have no words to type...I'm just staring at the screen. In recent days, my mind has been swirling around with thoughts like sediment in dirty water. Last night before bed, I prayed for guidance and asked for a sign. The next morning, while walking to work, I opened Twitter and the first tweet that popped up was the following:

The Lord will make perfect those things which concern me - Psalms 138:8

And there it is.

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Simplicity is Often Best

i love my wife.

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Friday, March 26

Weekends are FUNny...

Greetings world wide web. After an atrocious last few weeks for the country, I am thanking Buddha for it FINALLY being recess. Recess means no more Democrats ramming policy down our throats, like we are a bunch of toddlers sitting in a high chair with our only option being "open wide"...... (got that out of my system).

As I count down to the weekend, I feel compelled to share some of the funniest videos available out there. Some are really funny; Some are so bad, they're funny, and some are just bad..

Disclaimer: I apologize up front if any viewers that feel violated, threatened, saddened, or mad because they just peed in their pants. Well, disregard that last statement because I don't apologize. These videos were either put up by the parent or the individual with the staring role. Enjoy!

The following two you are going to have visit the link. They are worth it. I promise.

Nobody's Perfect and Blood

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Past Due Post

Being married to Lo is both a blessing and a curse. More of a blessing and ONLY a curse because she is

1) The HARDEST person to shop for, and
2) The HARDEST person to hide things from.

That is why for Birthday/Christmas/Anniversary, I buy one gift. Because it is always the same gift, she has all year to pick out what pair of Christian Louboutins she prefers. For other purchases, I just tell her I was thinking about buying her a present, so if she sees something (WITHIN REASON), we can get it. I always have to throw in the bolded part. Always.

I have gotten pretty good at keeping surprises from her, but not without her smelling something "going on". She is a snooper. A MAJOR SNOOPER.

So for Valentine's Day, I decided to do something other than the normal flowers, chocolate, and dinner. I had Brittany Fuson customize notecards for Lo. They turned out AMAZING and it probably was the best V-Day present I could have given her. Well, besides Pickles. Check out the final product, rightfully labeled, Mrs. Clay.

So if anyone needs customized stationary, visit Brittany. She is amazing! Also, check out her blog under our "Blog List" for frequent updates and fashion designs.


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Tuesday, March 23

A Drink a Day, Keeps the Divorce Papers Away

Lo received this in the mail the other day from her friend, Betsy Huffine. The inside said "Duh". We must be really happy! I will agree and will continuing doing my part to stay happy.

Monday, March 22

What Lo Wants: This Dog

I want this dog too. I would name it Pickles.

What Lo Wants: Olivia Harris Handbags

I only became a handbag person recently. I used to buy one bag and literally wear it out until it was no longer wearable. These days........ I must have new handbags!! I have been especially loving studs and spikes lately. Since most of my clothing is pretty girly...ie ruffles, bows, animal prints... I like to mix it up with the contrast of the studs on a bag. Anyway, so I happened upon this new designer called Olivia Harris. I am loving EVERY SINGLE bag in this collection. Olivia Harris is the next line in Joy Gryson's handbag line (other line is Gryson). I mean just look at these bags?! Now will someone just buy me one.....

I like to bob my head to this

And sip my whiskey to this

And this is what I told Lo when I first met her....Guess I lost that battle.......

But I think we both won in the end...and now dance alone in the confort of our home to songs like the above. And you should see our moves.
They're on fire.

Thursday, March 18

A Bun in the Oven

I wanted to finally send out a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to one of my besties in the whole world Ellen and her husband Danny (aka Dooney Breetches) because..... SHE IS PREGNANT!!!! She is due in September and I am predicting a girl. I just have that feeling. It is a girl. Mark my words people. I couldn't be more excited. Ellen is my first preggo friend and I can't wait to see how she progresses in her pregnancy. :) I will keep yall updated as little Fig (the baby... that's what I call it) gets bigger!! So...

CONGRATS TO ELLEN AND DANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aunt Shmo and Uncle Wo are thinking about yall. :)

Did some of you think it was me?! I bet you did at first... have a good weekend....

Thirty One Years and Counting

Continuing with the cool shade of love, I want to shout to the mountain tops congratulatory praises to my parents who are celebrating 31 years of marriage today. In today's world, it is estimated that 43% of marriages end in divorce before the 15 year mark. That is an insanely high rate. I feel marriage should not be entered if both parties see divorce as an option. You are asking for failure.

I have been blessed with parents who found meaning in their marriage. While life has been a roller coaster, with some years being more difficult than others, I know they have held on tight to what makes their marriage strong, their friendship.

So Happy Anniversary to my parents. May you have 31 more.....Can you imagine my father at that age?!?! Look out for the old guy on the motor skooter. So to celebrate where they are now, I wanted to take a look back to where they used to be :)

Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction. - Saint-Exupery

Wednesday, March 17

Remember When

Remember when you could request songs on the radio to your "loves". I do. Maybe you can still do that, not sure. Back in middle school, I used to lay in bed and listen to the local country station, waiting to hear who dedicated songs to who, and then seeing the girl giggle the next day at school because she was "going with" so and so and it was real because he dedicated a song to her last night on 94.9. I vividly remember like it was yesterday, one of my friends Brad, dedicated "She Don't Know She's Beautiful" by Sammy Kershaw (whoa flashback) to my friend's sister, Christen. Sadly, the are not together anymore. Maybe she realized she was beautiful and he didn't like her anymore. Perhaps.

I do wish I could retain my memory like this for work items. Oh well. So on this lovely St. Patrick's Day, I am going to turn this green day into a cooler shade of love.......

DJ: 94.9, what song would you like to dedicate?
ME: (In my awkard middle school voice) "Umm, hi. I would like to dedicate Train's Hey Soul Sister to my "friend" Lauren. She is cool and really pretty and I like talking to her on the phone and on AIM. So if she is listening, see you tomorrow in 4th period."

Here's to you Lo, you rock!

Until Next Time...........

Saturday, March 13

What Lo Wants

So I am not really a necklace person and I know chunky necklaces have been all over the place for a while now. I have pretty much steered clear because I haven't found anything that I have liked. Until now. This necklace. I must have it. I mean... the versatility. Jeans and tshirt... Or with a leather jacket... or what I really have in mind is this black French Connection dress I just bought. It would look perfect with that. This one is from Madewell. It retails for $88. Worth every freakin penny if you ask me. :)

A New Weekly Post from Yours Truly

Since I don't blog that much and since I received a record breaking three comments on my last post about the champagne glasses, I am going to start doing a weekly post called "What Lo Wants". Not that yall really care what I want or think is neat, but it is a great opportunity for me to give Wesley subtle hints about things he can buy me (Mom - feel free to send some gifts if you like as well... this isn't exclusively for Wesley). :) It will save me the time it takes during my lunch break when I send Wesley email after email only consisting of links to various clothing items that I have found online. I think he really enjoys those emails though..... anyway. That's it. My new post. I want a lot of things right now, so don't be annoyed when I post say a.... thrice weekly "What Lo Wants". Is thrice a word? Well it is today people. Speaking of.....

I wanted these... so I got them today. Yiipppee. Loving the studs.

Thursday, March 11

You can never have enough.

I feel like Wesley and I are always in "desparate need" of champagne glasses. Whenever we are out and we see champagne glasses we immediately have this "these-are-the-perfect-set-of-champagne-glasses" brainwash. We buy the plastic ones and ones from TJ Maxx because we have a nice set of stemless ones from the wedding (which are currently residing in my parents basement...blahh).

Well these ladies and gentlemen.... I have to have. So could someone go buy them for me? Thanks. I mean they are even on sale - HALF OFF. I would prefer a set of 6.

Wednesday, March 10

The Handsome Men's Club

So Jackson sent this to me and I was dying laughing the whole time. I think I partially loved it because of all the handsome men........ oh well. Enjoy! Love, lo (obviously.....)

Tuesday, March 9

After a Long Day's Work

My mother sent this to me last night. Amazing. I know Mason is pissed about this.

Monday, March 8

I Can Feel It Coming in the Air Tonight

Hold on......

We felt it this weekend. The sunshine, the warmer breeze. We have been frigid for a while now. Lo and I are getting anxious, tired, mean, nasty, bitter, hateful, and sick of the cold winter D.C. gave us. I heard, well mostly read on Facebook, the Mississippians complaining about their "cold" weather. Give me a break. Stop. You now have your low 60s/mid 70s, Sunny weather. The warmth we received this weekend was a mere 51 degrees. The way the people of D.C. reacted, you would have thought it was in the 90's. Folks running and playing soccer and Frisbee shirtless. Bikers and Joggers with barely there clothing. Did I mention it was only in the 50s. Back home, that's fleece and fur weather.

Friday, we celebrated the end of one person's life in D.C. at a local eatery. The girls separated and finished with the night at a place called Bobbie Lew's. Saturday, Lo and I had lunch, a disagreement, a reconciliation, and a lovely afternoon at Eastern Market, followed by dinner, wine, and The September Issue. The documentary follows the life of Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, through the process of their most prized issue, September (that was a hard one to figure out, eh?). Once we finished the film, what I perceived A.W. to be was not how I believe she really is. I'm sure everyone has seen The Devil Wears Prada. While I feel Meryl Streep played her character very well, I feel Ms. Wintour's depiction in the movie as a ranting, demanding, and inhumane individual is nothing but an outsider's opinion of a strong, determined, and career-oriented female. A closer look into the documentary, you find Anna Wintour appears this way, only to hide her true self - a very shy person feeling the repercussions of her family's amusement of her job.

While I have always tried to dress well, I was never up-to-date on the latest women's fashion. That is until Lo came along. Since 2004, I can basically tell you what will be hot before its hot. Try me. And if you think the above-the-knee boot was trashy or so last season or just a fad, or never really was stylish, well you are wrong. Its hot for Fall...wow.....did I really?

Oh well, it's part of life. Whenever you find that true love, you learn things you never knew you would. I know how to pronounce designers from Italy, France, Milan, etc. I know what size shoe my wife wears in a boot, a sandal, and a Christian Louboutin. I know why in many clothes, a size 2 is too big and a zero is too small. I know what she hates, what she loves, and what she would die for. Love and To Die are very different. They are.

I will now come off my tirade about Anna Wintour and fashion and move to Sunday. We spent our morning with our Sunday activities of church, the grocery, and lunch. Did you know (of course you didn't), but I'm about to tell you, we got 5 bottles of wine for $18. Not shitty wine, but gooooood wine. Not telling you where. That's my secret. We then took our first jog to the Lincoln Memorial in probably 6 months. My lungs were shocked at the large amounts of fresh air I was inhaling. While I usually can run 3-4 miles in the gym and on a really good day 5 (Lo runs 6 like its nothing), my body was not ready for the outside adventure it got.

That night, the Oscar's. Go Sandra Bullock.

Until Next Time.........

Thursday, March 4


[picture emailed from a friend, probably found on Google.com]