Tuesday, February 24

Glory days...... well they'll pass you by

At last, the day has arrived. Everyone need not worry, I am not depressed. I often have been told via Lauren that our readers think my wall posts are funny. This is hard to believe seeing how if you know me in person, you would not have the same opinion. I am not funny; rarely laugh; and feel most things are not humorous. Anyways, as a professional writer, I like to hear my feedback so that I can adjust my thoughts and give the readers a little diversity in my posts. That would be the reasoning behind my recent post AND the picture involved. I was trying to reflect the seriousness that is me, along with my male dependent side that all of us guys "have" according to the females in our lives. Whatever. The past few days allowed me to revert back to my independent side of life that is now extinct. There are things that us guys just can not get away with when we have a female in our life. Those things I purposely brought back and thoroughly enjoyed. Over the past few days, I have been able to leave any and all kitchen cabinet doors open. Something I ALWAYS get "the eye" for if left open. I also could walk in the kitchen, open the refrigerator door, grab whatever I need, sit it on the counter, do whatever with it, put it back in the refrigerator, THEN close it. Why open/close/open/close? You use more energy and electricity doing it more than once. My female counterpart does not agree in this philosophy and unrightfully it is another thing that ALWAYS gets "the eye". I also have been able to leave the toilet seat up! The joy of it always being up. See the problem I see in the “toilet seat conspiracy” is that us guys are always getting flack for “not putting the seat down after we use it” blah blah blah. Nonsense. What’s wrong with putting the seat UP after you use it? Most of our readers are female, therefore as I am typing, I know I have lost this battle. The “toilet seat conspiracy” is another thing that ALWAYS gets "the eye” and a scream of disgust. My final thing that I have been able to do..... Y’all seriously, its my favorite unintentional thing I do...Unintentional because I do not realize I do it, until I am called out about it... leaving my used paper towels laying around the apt....Now don't go judging me with your first thoughts being "ewwwww" or "gross" or "that's disgusting" because really its not....About 99.9% of the time, they are from me washing my hands. See, I have this clean hand phobia, which in turn, has me constantly washing them. I also really like the soap that is in our kitchen, so I always wash my hand there. (Why don't I just buy the same soap and put it in the bathroom you ask? Who knows, that the beauty of it). I then wipe them dry with paper towels rather than a dish cloth because dish cloths are germ infested, another story......So I use paper towels.... which are clean because I just washed my hands. Its not rocket science. So after I dry them off, I lay them down on the counter or take them with me on my journey to wherever I am going in our apartment, causing them to end up all over the place. This has to be the ULTIMATE "eye" getter as she dangles the bunch up towels of paper in the bony little fingers of one hand, while her other hand is propped on her hip, with the adjacent leg perched out. As you can tell, I get this alot. So before Lo got home this evening, I did a little tidying up (i.e. closing all the cabinets doors (which were all open); taking care of the "toilet seat conspiracy"; and picking up my hand dryers. Now its back to getting the "eye"....Oh the glory days...

Saturday, February 21

Is loneliness a good thing? My thoughts concerning this often shake around in my head like glitter in a snow globe, especially when Lauren is out of town. You eat by yourself, go to bed by yourself, wake up by yourself, walk to the store by yourself….this can’t be good for people. And on top of things, I never noticed the large number of couples walking around until I am by myself. Seriously depressing. But as I lost my will power to a Good Stuff Eatery Burger and Village Fries this afternoon, I decided that being alone can bring you great hope in life. The fact of the matter is no one is ever really alone. In this day in age, one is only a speed dial, text message, email, webcam, or gchat away from comfort. On a more personal note. It is strange how much I rely on one human being. I honestly do not sleep well when I am by myself. I find that much of my time is spent doing absolutely nothing. Why should I get out and do something? I am not going to enjoy it. So for now, I am going to walk around like a zombie and wait for my better half to get back. It's hard to believe I was once single, devoting all my time to myself and now my fuel is another. Oh the great changes in life and how it makes you better.

Enough of the sensitivity.......I'm off to PARRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 20

Ole Miss Fans Enjoy

When I first saw this, I was speechless. Every computer program now has Spell Check available, much less YOU SHOULD KNOW HOW TO SPELL YOUR STATE AND THE NAME OF YOUR SCHOOL!!!

Another reason to add to the list why Ole Miss is better than State.

Wednesday, February 18


Just wanted to send a HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to MS MOM!!!!

Thought I would end by giving everyone a few quotes to keep them going. We are not getting any younger, so these affect us all.

There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.

You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear; as young as your hope, as old as your despair.
~Douglas MacArthur

Take it for what its worth!

wooo hoooo!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 17

Number 1 Worst Blogger Award

Okay, so I have been officially scolded by my mother for being a horrible blogger. I am fully aware that my brilliant, journalist besty Jordan is the extreme bestest blogger and I am nothing but a figure in her shadow. BUT. I am going to make a comeback. A revival. I am back!

I will also use this post to say how much I love my mama. I googled mother/ daughter pictures and randomly this one came up! How perfect! I know my mom's name is spelled wrong, but what are the freakin odds that the names would be the same (not to mention the shopping bags.. :)!! One of the best things my mom has been doing since I have been away is, around 8-9pm, she starts sending emails about everything. From shows we have been watching, to random things going on to Brentwood gossip. It's like we have instant messanger! I absolutely love it - my mom is so hilarious and I love the little chats we have at night. It's like I am back living at home sitting on the couch just chatting. So fun. Just a little tidbit about my mom - love you mama :).

I will be updating more posts soooooooonnnn.

Wednesday, February 4

Anniversary-Inauguration-Wedding-Snow-Mardi Gras

I know I'm the worst blogger, so I am going to gain some points by adding some pics. Here are some pictures from our life!

Day Brightener or Social Gathering Background Music.....

Ever had one of those days where nothing went right and all you wished for was something to make it better OR in need of music that works with a dinner party (not too elevator-ish, but not the genre that makes you want to jump on tables)? Well, I have just the music for you. Michael Bublé's It's Time. Lauren and I listen to it all the time. Not because we are constantly needing things to get better or that we have numerous social gatherings, but because it is a great collection of songs. If you like Frank Sinatra then his music you will like. You should definitely check it out. Put it on repeat and your good to go with wine or whatever keeps you sane.

It's Time
1. Feeling Good
2. A Foggy Day [In London Town]
3. You Don’t Know Me
4. Quando, Quando, Quando
5. Home
6. Cant Buy Me Love
7. The More I See You
8. Save The Last Dance For Me
9. Try A Little Tenderness
10. How Sweet It Is
11. A Song For You
12. I've Got You Under My Skin
13. You And I
14. Dream A Little Dream [Special Edition Only]
15. Mack The Knife [Special Edition Only]

Tuesday, February 3

Non-Political Political Post

I try to keep Politics out of the blog. I deal with it everyday and after work, want to concentrate on lighter issues. However, I do feel I must say something about the current situation. The withdrawal of Daschle got be thinking. I was very worried he would be confirmed, seeing how both Geithner and Holder were without taking a look at their moral background. Now I am not addressing this as a Republican, but as a concerned human. I know Lauren and my parent's instilled into us right vs. wrong and how we would have to pay for our consequences if we chose wrong . But it seems in today's society, choosing wrong gets you an elevated position. Now what does that say for the future of our country, for children, or for anyone who chooses right?

My answer to this problem. Start nominating Southerners. While we have our flaws and are not all the same.... for the most part, God, Country, and paying taxes are at the top of our priorities. Obviously something the new guys have a problem with. Ha Ha I'm kidding, but seriously......