Thursday, March 26

I am getting a T-Shirt made that says, "Britney Spears changed my life"

Every single person at one point in time was a Britney fan. If you deny it, then you are lying and people do not like liars.

No.I am not getting a t-shirt made. That was a direct quote from one of my co-workers who, like Lauren and I, attended the Britney Spears concert Tuesday night. I will say, I was hesitant about going, yet excited in an odd way. I will admit, I was/am a fan. Who doesn't like a hot girl even if she did hit the top spot early, sells millions and make millions, get married, divorced, married again, divorced again, wasn't a virgin, was a virgin, wasn't a virgin, have two kids, spent millions, shave her head, attack a car with an umbrella, make starbuck runs every hour, rehab, twice, get taken to a mental hospital on national television, custody battle, crazy managers/paparazzi boyfriends, have her parents control her life again, make new music, get hot again, sell and make more millions, be back at the top spot again......all at the ripe, old age of 27. GEEZ. Sounds like a Soap Opera.

Anyways, Lauren and I went to the concert. As we walked past the numerous catholic school girl uniforms, thongs over jeans, pink toxic t-shirts, girl Britney's, Tranny Britney's, Gay Britney's, and any other imaginable Britney, we finally made our way in and got our seats. After the Pussy Cat Dolls perfomed, BS showed up and boy did she. Lauren and I sat in amazement, with our mouths open for at least 5 minutes. It was insanity. Words can not described what was going on in that place. Thousands of people were screaming for this person who most had tossed to the waste side only a year ago. The show was really cool. It reminded me of Cirque du Soleil.

Britney was fun, but the most fun I had during the concert was watching my wife. When Toxic hit the stage, she jumped to her feet and started singing and dancing(by herself and DID NOT care). It was hilarious. Side Note: She did a great job at both even if her microphone never turned on (her hand in the shape of a microphone... YOU KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT). This continued until the end where she chanted with the thousands, "Britney! Britney! Britney!" and now wants to be her new best friend. I would not have traded this night for anything just to watch her (my wife) at this concert.

All in all it was a great night and my manhood is still in place. I mean honestly, I got to see 6 hot females (PCD & BS) run around in almost nothing...

Note: An actual conversation at the Britney Spears concert:

Late 20s Lady: I would like one tshirt
Young girl standing next to her: Is that for your daughter?
Late 20s Lady: I do not have a daughter. It is for me.
Young girl: your boyfriend here with you?
Late 20s Lady: HUSBAND is at home.
Young girl: oh..i didnt know old people liked Britney Spears
Late 20s Lady: Well how old are you? (visibly pissed)
Young girl: 14
Late 20s Lady: You do know you were FOUR in Britney Spears prime. DO YOU EVEN KNOW ANY OF HER SONGS?????? She walked away before a smack down began.

Monday, March 23

New Taste on Life

I had begun to write this post last week, but with the crazy week and the fact that my computer cord died leaving me without a computer or Internet, I was unable to finish. It is very interesting the topic that I was discussing: How circumstances in life can drastically alter your perception of the future. I was attempting to make this post a humorous one, but with a recent accident that took the lives of two individuals, one from my hometown, it has become a not so funny one. Ironically, it is interesting to realize that the same content of my post has not changed, but become more profound in my life.

The girl that passed I once knew very well. While I have not hung out or seen her in quite some time, I still feel a huge sense of loss. Lauren and I have friends who were extremely close to her and are having a difficult time coping with her death. Her loss has affected many.

The following was the main content of my post. Now with what has occurred it has brought new meaning to its message.

Work like you don't need the money.
Love like you've never been hurt.
Dance like nobody's watching.
Sing like nobody's listening.
Live like it's Heaven on Earth.

Sunday, March 15

Wolo's New Extravaganza!

Okay, so Wesley and I have been apartment hunting lately to see if we can move to a different part of town (and a place with a separate bedroom!!). In the meantime, we did some redecorating (all credit going to Wesley... I was actually against this change in the beginning.. of course.. but now I love it!). We moved some things around.. and here is our new setup!From the front door...Our new living room nook!
Comfy...My little corner...To the kitchen!And this is our humble abode!!! Hope yall like it. :)

Snow snow come again... say I don't have to go to work tomorrow....

Okay, so one month ago I said I was going to become a better blogger. Well, that didn't happen. I am just now updating our snow pictures from two weeks ago (plus I have missed countless other fantastic events that I haven't blogged about!). ANYWAY, here are some pictures from our recent snow storm (and I still had to go to work!!) This is the pictures of our street!

Monday, March 9

A belated congratulations goes out to the latest addition to the married couple club. Katie and Wyn tied the knot over a month ago and I have yet to give a shout out to them. Lauren and I had a wonderful time back home in Mississippi even though it was short-lived. So cheers to y’all.

A belated best wishes is in order to Kayla and Kevin who got engaged that same weekend. We are very excited about this upcoming event. I get to be the maid of honor. Well unless the rule about being married applies to me, which would result in me being the matron of honor. Not sure if there is an amendment if the maid of honor is a guy? Whatever the case, Lauren and I are excited for them.

Monday, March 2

The Bachelor is stupid. Too many tears......from the Bachelor more than the girls. He is a homo.

Why do girls get obsessed with the show?

Here are my 7 thoughts:

1. They like to judge the other girls (i.e. dress, hair color, butt size, etc.)
2. They like to see the bachelor with his shirt off.
3. They like to see what the girls are wearing and talk bad about the clothes.
4. They like to call girls they do not know sluts.
5. They like to be in everyone else's business.
6. They like to gossip about #5 the next morning with their co-workers, friends, others.
7. They like to secretly see other girls get hurt and cry. It makes them happy.