Thursday, December 31

Written Dec. 18th

As I sit on the plane, I am overwhelmed with excitement. I must first say that Lo and I are surrounded by a family of thirty Japanese. (Ellen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Not lying or exaggerating. We are headed to Jackson for Mary Marg and Matt's wedding. Our most favorite couple the McFatters are picking us up and we are headed to their house.

I can't believe it's almost 2010. The time has flown this year. I almost forgot. I am an uncle!! Brantly's little addition to our family is so precious. Another female has come into the Clay household. I can't wait to spoil her rotten! Don't worry peeps, I am talking about a puppy! The Columbus gossip wheel was spinning really fast there for a moment.

Post wedding, we are headed to Brentwood where we will get to spend some time with Lauren's family and longtime friends. Gonna be a good time. Maybe a little honky Tonkin or ghetto dancin with John Vaughn..... Who knows.

Last weekend, we visited New York . I love that city. I could move there seriously. Another adventure? Maybe. Liz and Ryan were more than gracious to allow us and the Clunkett's to stay in their apt. Lo and I are already planning another trip back. Because we are not going to the cotton bowl, Liz and Ryan are coming to DC. Will for sure be a good time... Ryan and I drinking our fav whiskey and coke while the girls tell Kramer stories (those never get old)......

Lo is posting soon..... maybe..... probably not pics of our apt at Christmas and a recap of thanksgiving and her recent purchases.

Until next time....... Wait, should I go ahead and say "see ya next year"? Haha guess you will have to check back to see.

Thursday, December 3

Today is Thursday, that's my Birthday!

Today marks another day in Lauren's life. She turns the Big 25 and continues to keep me young. I hope she has a great day. I found a couple of flash back pics, I thought I would share. Now its off to work before dinner tonight!

This is an interesting pic because I took it in 2004 in Tuscaloosa. Lauren and I were not dating or in any direction to begin dating. Pretty funny how things work out.

This is one of the first pics of us post dating. We obviously were very young then.

Just could not resist this pic. Happy Birthday Lo. I love you!