Thursday, July 31

A Person of Suspicious Interest

As I sit here with Lauren as she watches Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List and catching up on, I came across an incident that occurred in Slidell, Louisiana. An 11-year old boy had his arm bitten off by an 11 foot alligator. That is my biggest fear. Alligators. I hate them. They give me nightmares. They caught the alligator and tried to re-attach the boy's arm, but were unsuccessful. That kid will be scarred for life. Physically and emotionally.

This week has been good. Lauren and I have been getting up and going to the gym. If we have not told you, this gym is sweet. It is located in Chinatown in the old Discovery Channel Museum. They kept the structure the same, so its really cool. The locker rooms are not your normal locker rooms. Cell phones are not allowed and they play Japanese zen music. The showers have these massive shower heads in them. I'm tired of talking about it. You get the point, we think they are really cool. Its a "have to be there moment".

Here is Virtual Tour of Vida Fitness. Check it out.

Monday after work, Lauren and I decided to take a new approach on fitness. Yoga. Well kind of. I was to meet Lauren right before the class started. It was time for the class to start and Lauren was not there. So I decided to go in and get our mats ready for the class. Well the VERY relaxed man that was our teacher decided to start early. There was not a "Hi. I'm your teacher. We will get started in a few". It was "Lie on your back and think of a relaxing thought". Well I did what he said, but could not relax because my wife was not there and it was a really awkward situation for me. So as he is doing one of his poses where his back is to the door, I jump up and run out. There was NO way I was doing Yoga by myself. Another had to be there moment.

Wednesday was a very interesting day. That morning, I met with my trainer who kicked my ass. He put me through a vigorous circuit training program. I swear it was for a professional athlete. But whatever, it was free. After the gym, I decided I would walk back rather than take the Metro. I am cheap and did not feel like spending the money on public transportation......$1.35 to be exact. As I am walking back, I noticed that Capitol Police and Secret Service vehicles were everywhere. Police were walking bomb dogs around every car parked near the Capitol. My tourist side came out and I decided to further look into the situation that was taking place. As I continued my journey home, about 30 motorcycle cops where hanging out on the Capitol lawn. I thought to myself, "Someone very important is in there, I bet its ol' George". I decided to go sit under a tree and read my book and wait until the motorcade left. It is very hot here so sitting in the shade with a nice summer breeze blowing would be quite nice. I could kill three birds with one stone (stop sweating, read my book, and find out whats going on). Note: There are more people around than just me. A few chapters in, these two men came up to me. They were dressed in shorts and t-shirts. Very normal looking. My conversation with them is as follows:

Man #1: How's it going today?
Me: Pause. Pause. Pause. Um. Fine.
Man #1: It's pretty hot out here isn't it?
Me: Yeah it is.
Man #2: So...what are you doing here?
Me: Uh. I just finished working out at the gym and decided I would walk back. I was hot and plus I wanted to see what was going on so I decided to sit under the tree, read my book, and find out.
Man #1: I see. So where do you live?
Me: On Constitution, a few blocks away.
Man #2: Why are you in Washington, D.C.?
Me: My wife and I just moved here for work.
Man #1: Where did you move from?
Me: Mississippi
Man #1: Its hot there too. But here it is hot because you are sitting on a former swamp.
Me: Oh. I did not know that, but yeah its very hot back home.
Man #2: So what do you and your wife do here?
Me: I work for the University of Mississippi and she works for the British Embassy.
Man #1: Okay. Well, you were pointed our by the Secret Service as a person of suspicious interest and we were sent to check you out..
Man #2: (Steps away and says something about me being cleared)
Me: Oh...well do you need to check my bag?
Man #1: No you fine.
Me: Should I leave?
Man #1: No you can stay. Have a good one.

Then they disappear. Literally. So I'm sitting there trying to decide if I should stay or go. I decided that if I left, it would be more suspicious so I stayed and tried to concentrate on reading my book. That did not work. After about 20 minutes, I got up and made my way back to my apt. They watched me the whole time. All the guys on top of the buildings were watching!!!!

Who knew I was a person of suspicious person? And yes, the government is always watching you. Remember that.

Until next time.....

Tuesday, July 29

First Official Tea Party!

Work week number two has begun! Well, yesterday, but no one has time to blog everyday. Yesterday after work Wesley and I went on a long walk around our area of town which just so happens to be fantastic. If you are wanting to move to DC, fall away from the norm and move onto the Hill. We found restaurants, cleaners, banks, and stores all two blocks away from our apartment! We walked around the National Mall which just so happens to be two blocks from our apartment and saw this great attraction called Screen on the Green. This topic will be further discussed next week.....

Today at work I experienced my first OFFICIAL tea party!!!!! We actually had a baby "tea party" because someone in our department is due in the next couple of weeks. We all sat down to a huge selection of teas and actually used tea cups and saucers!! Wesley said I need to bring my sweet tea.. they wouldn't even know what to do with it! Justine served pimento cheese sandwiches today and they had no idea what it was - but they all loved it! At our tea party they even had what you would think of "typical" British tea music - but that was actually playing! It was fantastic!! We also all put money into a "sweepstakes" ie. we all bet on it... the weight and date the baby is going to be born. I'm hoping I win the ten dollars.... haha. I think I should start a dictionary of all the British words I learn. For example, if you get a cut and are wanting what we would call a BandAid... make sure you ask for a "plaster"... because that is what the Brits call it. End of Brit 101 for the day. Anyway, just a small tidbit... Time to sleep!! Until the next British adventure.....

To Us from You.

Okay. So Lauren and I were discussing the other night how it would be nice to see who has read our blog. So I have devised a plan that allows you (the readers) to help us (the writers). There is a Comment Link below this post. Just click on that and leave your name. Thats all. Very simple, right? It allows us to see the people who view our blog. Thanks and please do this. Its not hard.

Sunday, July 27

One Week Anniversary!

So we have made it one week in DC! Well, it actually feels like we've been here for months. I got through my first week of work and it was actually really great! I am finally catching on to everything and really feeling like I am getting stuff done. All the Brits are soo funny. One of the men came up and was talking to me and asked me that since I was from the south, was fried chicken my favorite food.... hmm. I don't even really like fried chicken!! Then he asked me if we fried most foods and what a typical meal was for me. I did tell him about fried mac-and-cheese and corn fritters which he thought were both hilarious. I have been coming home with stories every night to entertain Wesley.

Our first weekend in DC was actually full of adventure!! Well, not that much, but we did get out of the house. Friday night we went to happy hour at this restaurant downtown, per Jackson Brasher's suggestion, called Chef Geoff's. It was really great!! We got cheap drinks and an eight dollar pizza! We were going to go meet one of my co-workers, who is also new, and her husband, but by the time we got home we were so tired and stayed in. Saturday, we got up and roamed around. We went to an area of town called Adams Morgan, which we quickly moved to our never list. Apparently, it is a fun place to go out at night, but during the day it wasn't our favorite part of town. We then went to Chevy Chase, Maryland (which is really only 20 minutes from our house on the red line Metro) and found Saks, Neimans, and Bloomingdale's!!! HEAVEN!!!!! Haha, so we walked around the area and looked at the clothes and then found a little outside patio and got some hummus... yum! So I decided Chevy Chase could be added to my "places I want to move list"... which is actually becoming quite long! Saturday we went to Georgetown with two of our friends from college, Tierney and Michael. We went to Sequoia on the waterfront and had drinks and then went to this restaurant on M Street. It was all really fun and it was GREAT to see people we knew!!!

Today we got out of the city!! We went to Bethesda, Maryland and Tierney and Michael picked us up (because that is where she is from) and we got Mexican and went to the pool and drove around. I also love Virginia!! They're all so close and you can be in one state and then another in a matter of minutes. We then went to the grocery and Michael cooked a fantastic dinner and we hung out at Tierney's house! We actually got to sit on a couch and watch TV (since we don't have one....)!!!!!!!!!!! So overall it was a great day. Wesley and I are going to the new gym we joined tomorrow morning for spin class... so I am off to sleep. Week number two is upon us...........

Thursday, July 24

How are people fat in this city?

So I am going on almost a week in the new city and I feel as though I have walked 500 miles! The other day I got turned around and before I knew it, I had walked a good 30 blocks. Needless to say, I should invest in a good pair of walking shoes. If any of you have seen the movie "Working Girl", that is what it looks like in the mornings and afternoons, both men and women. Pretty funny because I think some of the people are wearing the exact shoes that were worn in the movie. I believe that movie was filmed in the 80's. Enough said. So why do I see fat people everywhere? I have to assume that they are tourists, not locals. Most locals use public transportation, therefore, can not be out of shape. Just can't. It's impossible to fathom the existence.

I have also noticed while on the Metro, a subway to those who are unfamiliar with the term, people like to stare. While I love to people watch, I catch myself making eye contact with people, only to quickly look down as if it did not happen. Don't act like I am the only who does this. I'm sure I just called out several people. While most will look the other way, I feel the eyes of the same individual whom I just made the "brief" eye contact with still staring!!! I do not feel I look any different than the person next to me, but obviously I do. Well that shit is not happening anymore. I now wear my sunglasses on the Metro to avoid any strange contacts with the world around me.

Side note: Working Girl is from 1988. Exactly 20 years ago. Time for a new pair of walking shoes. I will have to admit, I am impressed they have kept them that white for 20 years. Anyways.

A couple of days ago, we encountered a very bizarre occurrence. Across the street from our apartment is the Hart Senate Building, which houses all the Senators' offices. Around, 5 ish, police cars, firetrucks, the works, swarm the building and evacuated everyone. My first thought, a bomb. Great first week, bomb threat across from my living quarters. Fortunately, that was not it. Some dumb....... decided his life was stupid and thought he should try and end it there at the Hart building. A suicide attempt! For FIVE hours this man could not decide whether his life was worth it or not. He almost went through with it because they posted up the huge trampoline thing out on the street, along with bringing in the S.W.A.T team. This paragraph will not get gruesome because he decided he should live a little bit longer. Thanks to this man, numerous individuals robbed convenient stores and street carts throughout the city and got away with it because all of the DC law enforcement was circled around this guy. This did not really happen, Lo and I just thought it probably did.

Laundry check, be right back.

I am doing laundry today because we need it, and for those of you wondering, I do have a job. I actually have a meeting set up tomorrow, one Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for work related interests. I am not being a bum.

Another interesting topic that Lo and I have encounter is our grocery shopping. Goodbye to the days where you get in your car, pull up to Kroger, Whole Foods, etc., grab your germ infested cart and make you way down the aisle marking off your list as you go. No more waiting for the little old lady to move to one side so that you can pass, yet you just politely sit there until she has made her choice so you are not rude. No more grabbing a couple of grapes in your buggy as you shop or reading the latest "How I lost 50 lbs. overnight" gossip magazine while you wait for your turn at the checkout. Paper or Plastic? That is over. DC is moving on. We made our first grocery purchase ONLINE last night. Peapod is a online grocery store that delivers to you door....AMAZING! What does this cost you ask? The prices are the same, sometimes cheaper than the "old fashion" kind. They add the specials and discounts to your bill without you having to enter in the codes. Do they have everything? Yes, you can shop by aisle or by brand with everything you need. Seriously. So, our groceries should be arriving between 4 and 6 today. You also get to pick the time you want them delivered. Pretty interesting and I know many of you are jealous, eh?

Well I have rambled on enough for today. Until next time...

Tuesday, July 22

Day Two...

Well, I was planning on writing this great blog about my first day of work, but I honestly was just too tired yesterday! So we're just going to discuss the last two days instead!

I have actually made it... by myself... through the 40 minute Metro and Bus ride all the way to Embassy Row! Work has actually been really great. Everyone is so nice (and the British people are soooo fun to listen to!) and helpful. I know I have A LOT to learn before I am really going to be great at my job, but everyone is willing to help me get through it. I think I am really going to enjoy learning the ins and outs of this position. The best part (haha) about the Embassy is that a Whole Foods is only one block away!! So when it gets cooler (because I PROMISE YOU it is hotter here than it is in TN or MS) everyone says they walk there together during lunch. Another great thing is that there is a Chocolate Bar in the Embassy that has all British sweets!! Fruit Gums and Prawn Cocktail Crisps (potato chips) are my favorite!! The exploration of the Chocolate Shop will continue to be documented....

One thing I notice about DCians (yes i made that up.) is that they walk INCREDIBLY fast. So as I walk to work this morning (of course leisurely but by no means of course as not to break a sweat and get greasy in the first 10 minutes i've put my makeup on)... people are FLYING by me like I am a car on 65N going 60MPH instead of 85MPH!!!! I like couldn't even think about keeping up with them. Just flying by me left and right like I am standing still. So after work when I decided I was already so gross it didn't matter, I attempted to keep up the pace with these DCians. What a task indeed. I was basically sprinting! Note to self: Learn to powerwalk no matter where you're going.

Wesley and I have been working on a couple of tasks for the first week including finding a new bank, a grocery, and looking for a gym! We are getting slightly more successful each day. Well, I am soo tired so this is all I have for now. Anyone, that has called me since Sunday and I haven't called them back it's only because I have been too tired to chat and called back and I am actually NOT screening :). I'll call yall back tomorrow!! Miss everyone dearly... Lo

Monday, July 21

Monday Monday

As I sit in my new apartment (if that is what you want to call it), I have always wondered what it would be like to live in a very large city. I have studied in London and Sydney and visited Paris and other large cities, but never actually called a place home, until now. This morning began our first work week in the new home. Yesterday was filled with familiarizing ourselves with the area. Of course the first restaurant we dined at was Mexican. I will have to say that the cheese does not compare to those of Oxford, Columbus, or Nashville, but overall we would give La Loma an A. We then went to Union Station and began our journey to the British Embassy, timing our trip to make sure Lo was on time for her big arrival to the B.E. As we were walking down Massachusetts Ave. NW, otherwise known as Embassy Row, we encounter a riot. Not at hardcore riot, just two groups with different ideas. People waving the Greece flag on one side and the Cyprus flag on the other were yelling at each other about something. Who knows? Lauren and I, being the young Oxfordians we are accustom to, stopped cold turkey and looked at each other. What do we do now? Will they hurt us? Do they even like Americans? Are we not in America? Do we continue? were a few of the questions we talked about. Yes, we were a bit frightened. We decided that they would not hurt us so we ventured on, only to be correct. They did not even notice us pass by. We continued on in our trek until we came to the B.E. We checked out the bus routes and turned around and headed back.

We stopped on our way home at Chinatown and gathered a few things that would make our "home" better. To Lauren, it was a success. New quilt, sheets, rugs, and a little rearranging was all it needed. We ended the night with some Chicago deep dish pizza. Yes, Ellen they were from Chicago. It actually was voted "Best Pizza in DC".

So this morning, we woke up from sleeping in our twin bed. A twin bed! It worked though. We both got a pretty good sleep. Fresh and awake, we parted for Lauren's big day or as I would like to think.....the British Embassy's big day. Our planned time was not accurate at all. We arrived in front of Lo's new work approximately 50 min. ahead of schedule. Note: the buses are rather quick in DC and only stop at the stops if they see people wanting to get on or if you pulled the stop cord. Other than that, they drive on.

I grabbed a couple of coffees at Starbucks in Chinatown this morning and sat and watched all the different people coming in and out. I love to watch people. It relaxes me. I get that from my father. So now I am back in our Apt. searching for banks, grocery stores, and gyms before I head back to meet my beautiful wife after her first day on the job. For now, I am not having good luck on any of the above. Until next time.....

Saturday, July 19

Mississippi Catfish

Just a little side note...

As Wesley and I walked back from walking to the Capital, we passed a restaurant called Johnny's Half Shell. Of course, we were immediately attracted to it because of the outside seating area and live music, so we decided to go scope out the menu.. because we know we already have to start researching somewhere fantastic to go eat for when Reed comes to town. :) Going up to the menu, we see a great selection of seafood. Under the main courses we see a phenomenon. Of course, I am looking at the Maine lobster tails which are priced at a mere $32.00 for twin tails (good deal, huh?). Immediately below that, something catches Wesley's eye.....
"Mississippi Catfish Delecata" for $28.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Since when does Mississippi bottomfeeders cost that much??!!!!!! And not to mention... is a delicacy??!!!! Baffled and taken aback.... Wesley and I start to think we took Taylor Grocery's $8.00 catfish plate for granted. Interesting.

Check back Monday for my FIRST DAY OF WORK review and WITC. "Worschy in the City" that is.....

Farewell Oxford... Hello DC

Hello all - I know Wesley and I haven't posted in about a week, but we have just been so crazy getting everything moved and ready.

First of all, I would like to mention how special and memorable our first six months of being married has been - all thanks to living in Oxford. I can honestly say I haven't had more fun and made more memories than I have made in Oxford since January. So saying all that, I want to thank our very best friends in Oxford (you know who yall are) for giving Wesley and I the best last six months we could have ever asked for. We miss yall so much already and will never forget the memories we all made together. Mario forever :)
And don't worry. We'll be back... November 1 - Auburn vs Ole Miss. Be there.

Okay, the last week has been a whirlwind! Last Friday, the McFatters hosted a cookout at their house for our departure. It was so much fun, especially since Danul grilled the award winning sausage and cheese plate of all time... hehe - later hitting up the Club and getting a pic with Mari..O...O....O....O. Down down.. do your dance.. do your dance... :) Apparently we didn't get our fill of the Club on Friday night, so Saturday we were back there with the McFatters. Typical!

Last week consisted of packing.. packing... packing. Sunday Wesley's parents came in town and on Tuesday my mom came in town to help us pack. Of course, all week Wesley and I had to hit up every possible eating locale in Oxford (porkers....haha), so that left us full all week. City Grocery, Yocona, and Two Stick just to name a few. I can't believe we didn't make it to 208... so sad. Thursday, after getting our whole condo packed up.. the Clay/ Houk caravan of Wesley driving the UHaul truck with my mom and I following was a sight to see! Friday we got everything unpacked into the Houk Storage Unit (hahah....) and we all enjoyed a BGE night! Candace and Charles came over for a fun night of Steak, cabernet, and conversation. We had so much fun. :)

TODAY, Saturday was our moving day!!! After repacking all morning we got to the airport and our three suitcases were all overweight!! So after paying that fee we were on our way. Our flight was great where we arrived in Baltimore. Carrying our total of five pieces of luggage and two computer cases, Wesley and I trekked to the Amtrak station. We got there relatively smoothly, bought our tickets and immediately realized that the train we had just bought tickets for was already pulling out of the station. Sweaty, tired... and anyone that really knows me... being extremely irritated.. we have to exchange our tickets, but finally get on a train and make it to Union Station. Arriving there, Wesley attempts to get in touch with the guy who has the keys to our apartment.. No answer. This is getting to be around 7:30pm and anyone else who really knows me.... I was getting extremely hungry and cranky. So we find a sandwich place and sit down while Wesley continues calling. No answer. He ends up calling someone in Oxford.. telling them that we're getting a hotel room on Ole Miss's tab.. YES! After a short walk... Wesley and I end up standing in front of the Capital building... with all our luggage.. worn out and tired and finally at a hotel. So here we are... not in our apartment, but in a "shay shay" hotel (according to Ms. Mary from Outreach) called Hotel George... on Ole Miss's tab sipping Penfold's cabernet and watching TV.

So here we are. Finally. Wesley and Lauren living in DC. The WoLo Adventure has begun.

Friday, July 11

Lauren's Turn

Sooo I've been getting some complaints that I haven't graced the pages of Wesley and my blog yet, so I thought I would give my own intro. I actually don't think I am going to be very good at this. My favorite quote from LWM about it is, "No offense Lauren, but I don't think you're going to be a very good blogger." Which is probably completely true - I'll think it's cool for like the first three posts when something interesting is actually going on in my life, and after that I'll get bored. Oh well. Anyway, this is my first attempt so I hope it was mildly successful. All our Oxford couples are having a Going Away Cookout for us tonight, so that should be so much fun/sad. Also, TOMORROW Wesley and I will have been married for HALF A YEAR! Already. So I'm sure we'll have a post/pictures after the weekend. Okay, that's all. :)

Wednesday, July 9

The End of Oxford

Well it is hump day here at Ole Miss and hot as ever. We basically have one week left as Oxfordians and it really hasn't hit us just how much we will miss this place. We definitely will be making the best of it, including going to our favorite restaurants (City Grocery, 208, Yocona, Taylor Grocery) and hot spots (Burgundy Room, The Library, & of course, DJ Mario). Friday night we are having a "Going Away" party at the McFatter's. It will be a great time as always. It is funny how things change. We once had the plan of staying in Oxford indefinitely with our married couple Daniel & Lauren McFatter. Now, we both will go our separate ways to pursue our careers very soon.

Enough about the sadness. This is an exciting time in our lives. Lauren and I are moving to Washington, D.C. next Saturday. Why you may ask? I am taking a position with the Washington Internship Experience. I will still work for Ole Miss, but in D.C. Now Lauren is the one who is doing things in D.C. and not even living there. She will be working as an Assistant Recruiter for the British Embassy. I am extremely excited and proud of her for landing this position. The Queen better watch out, Lauren has her eyes on the crown!

We are in the process of packing right now (ha, yeah right). Actually, we have to get busy on that. Time flies and we are counting down the days until the big move. Our plans for now regarding moving are ____________________. Fill free to help us out by filling in the blank. The best answers will be taken into consideration.

Last night, Lauren & I and The Breeze's (Andrew & Anna) went to dinner at Proud Larry's for 2 for 1. On Tuesdays, you can get two for one pizza, salads, burgers, & drinks. Really good deal. If your in Oxford on Tuesday, definitely try it. We had so much fun. It was good to be able to experience that one last time. Following our dinner, we went and had drinks at The Grocery. For those of you who do not know, The Grocery is a quaint bar above City Grocery. It is mostly known for entertaining the older, local crowd. It is rare that you see college students there. It was great sitting back and talking with friends knowing that soon we will be apart.

Until Next Time.......


Note: The picture at the top is of Proud Larry's and the one to the right is City Grocery.

Tuesday, July 8


I have found that to my wife's dismay, I type as if I were speaking to you. Often times my writings are grammatically incorrect or just do not make sense all together. For the purpose of this, I have decided to just write what I feel at the moment, without editing. I am hoping this project will allow those friends and family who read it to see what we are doing as if they were with us. So Lauren & I hope you enjoy.

P.S. I am sure what is written above has fallen into the categories I mentioned in the first sentence.

What's to know about us? We would have dated for 6 years (except we tied the ol’ knot), married for almost 3, no kids (not trying), no pets (trying, but have been denied), and live in our Nation's capitol. Needless to say, our lives are nothing of the ordinary. We never thought we would walk out of our house and have the capitol as our view. Life is wonderful. We miss our friends, family, and the South. If you’re new to our blog, come on in and get to know us. You'll be glad you did.

- Wesley