Friday, July 22

happy friday

A big thanks to my mother-in-law for sending Wesley this WONDERFUL idea. I must have this in my house..... when I have a house someday. I think Wesley might need to buy me some more CLs to fill it with..... hehe..... happy friday from wolo :)

Wednesday, July 20

ohh where has the time gone

Well ladies and gentleman, today Wesley and I have officially survived three whole years in Washington, DC. This time three years ago Wesley and I arrived with four huge suitcases, no where to stay for the night in a city we hadn't been to since we each were in 8th grade.

I can definitely say it has been an adventure (we don't call it wolo adventures for nothing!). We have lived in four apartments all within a block from each other. We have stayed in the same jobs, but have received a few promotions along the way :) No car for the first 10 months and now share poor Bessy who has been beat up by the aggressive driving and street parking (needless to say - we have become excellent parallel parkers and have learned to decipher signs like the one to the left...). Southwest Airlines has become out best friend - well, more like we have become theirs with the thousands of dollars in flights we have purchased. We have had a few visitors (you know who you are and we LOVE you for it), but could always use a few more.... We've made a few friends along the way and have seen a few move away. We have had a British foster cat named Marlene for the past three months while she waits for her passport - and no, I'm not kidding.

We know this city like the back of our hand which is something down the road I know we will be grateful for. It gets tough at time being so far away from friends and family, but I know we will look back and cherish this time we have had in this crazy city called the District of Columbia. So on to the next year.........

Monday, July 11

virginia wine country

one of the things that i will miss most about dc when we move away (someday.... anyday... anyone? please? jobs?!) ANYWAY! One of the things I will miss a lot is how close we are to vineyards and beautiful scenery. we can literally drive into virginia and in 30 minutes and we are in the middle of rolling hills and beautiful trees. we also can drink some good wine.

one saturday we decided hey let's go wine tasting. so we packed a lunch and snacks (food anxiety - definitely had to pack snacks) in our traders joe's insulated cooler and took off to the vineyards just the two of us. i didn't map it out - which i always do. so ocd. we just got in the car and drove. we had the best time and discovered some new vineyards that we hadn't been to before. if people would come to visit us............. we could take you to them :) in the mean time, you can look at our pics.

local places, local spaces

i love supporting local business and farmers. for such a big city, dc does have a lot
of wonderful local shops, restaurants and farmers markets.
especially on the hill. our little neighborhood of capitol hill has, in the past
two years, really blossomed with restaurants and bars owed by local people. love love it.
one place on the hill that has been around forever is fragers.
fragers is basically our own mini lowe's. when wesley and i decided to clean up our patio (well
wesley really but i love taking credit for it).
i love pretending i have a green thumb, when in fact, i have basically now
killed all the plants in the pictures below. anyway, wanted to share.
we love fragers. we love the hill.

lots of plants
our little red wagon of treasure

finished product!before painting....
burlap covered herbs
the best porch now!

Sunday, July 10


Sunday funday. Lo and I woke up this beautiful Sunday morning, walked to Starbucks to grab a drink, and then home for some lovely homemade blueberry wheat pancakes.

Last night, we had dinner with some friends before they move back to London. We were shown a video that I have posted below, and I honestly believe the person who made the it kept Marlene for a few weeks. The cat in the video acts EXACTLY like our UK kitty (except for the will understand after you see it).

Enjoy the day. Lo has some major posts to write very soon.