Wednesday, November 26

Will the Domination Continue.........

Friday marks another year of Egg Bowl festivities. Unfortunately, we will not be able to participate, making me a very sad individual. I have not missed the Egg Bowl in many years so I am going to make sure I am there in spirit. The McFatter's will have to take some picture sans the Clay's so that we can have memories...

Will the Domination Continue? After embarrassing the Tigers in Baton Rouge, the Rebels host the Bulldogs in Oxford. The Bulldogs have their sights on raining on the Rebels Parade. Will that happen? I have seen it occur, but I do not think this year will begin a winning streak for MSU. They are just not that good. I hope I am not proven wrong. We will dominate State and then move on to post season.. One bowl down (Magnolia), two to go!!! Hotty Toddy!

I found this song on YouTube. Im sure everyone has already seen it, but it COMPLETELY sums up The Grove and Ole Miss. Click and Listen!

Tuesday, November 25

My turn

I set a timer for myself on the computer. I only allotted ten seconds per line. This is how it came out.

I know ... I wash my hands way too much.
I believe... God's plan for us.
I fought... for my wife and won. Ha.
I am angered.... at ignorant people.
I love...Lo.
I need... a coffee.
I take... medicine on the first sign of getting sick.
I hear... my air conditioner at night.
I drink... whiskey, wine, redbull, water, MILK.
I hate.... slow people.
I use... too many paper towels.
I want... happiness in the world.
I like... my life right now.
I feel... unsure.
I wear... dress clothes everyday.
I left... everyone but Lo when I moved.
I do... want my children to have a better life.
I hope... for success so the above can happen.
I dream... BIG.
I drive... never.
I listen... to other people’s conversations.
I type... all day. Everyday.
I think... too deep into situations.
I wish... for tomorrow everyday.
I am... Wesley Ayres Clay of Old Columbus.
I regret... past mistakes.
I care.... about people.
I should... decide on dinner more often.
I said... MONK-A-POOS pie.
I wonder... about the future.
I changed... my mind. Happens a lot.
I cry... rarely.
I lose... most arguments with my wife.
I leave... for the South tomorrow.
I know many of you do not like the music addition we added to our blog. I would say I apologize, but that would be a lie. A few of the lyrics do not best represent us, but for the most part, that song exemplifies our life right now. My interpretation is that the song is about a person who is going out of the norm to try and become something different. In trying to do this, they have to step out of their comfort zone and began a journey that is new to them and everyone else in their life. Many criticize the person for their attempt to depart from what is "easiest in life". This criticism doesn't not hurt the person, only sparks more determination to live and be successful outside the box. Being judged is a part of life. Its how you react that makes you who you are. Is the person taking a risk that many choose to opt out of? Indeed. Is the person nervous of the outcome? Of course. But that person will be able to look back and know they took a risk (unknowing of the outcome). One thing is certain, taking that risk will have made them a better person.

The bridge of this song is what catches my attention everytime I hear it. Decide for yourself. The next time it comes on listen to it; don't press the pause or mute button.

Sunday, November 23

Lo's Quiz

I know ... that my husband loves me.
I believe... that God has a plan for my crazy life.
I fought... with myself when deciding what to wear today.
I am angered.... when it's hot on the Metro.
I love... Worsch.
I need... a great outfit everyday.
I take... no medicine. I hate it.
I hear... my air conditioner loudly.
I drink... a lot of red wine.
I hate.... rude people.
I use... a lot of hair spray.
I want... a Blackberry Storm.
I like... shoes.
I feel... like it's time for bed.
I wear... a lot of boots.
I left... my mind somewhere else.
I do... believe God has a plan for me.
I hope... that everyone has a great holiday season.
I dream... to be successful someday and have a great family.
I drive... never. And it makes me mad.
I listen... to pop music. And I love it. Thanks.
I type... extremely fast.
I think... the world is unexplainable.
I wish... everyone would just get along.
I am... in love with Wesley.
I regret... nothing.
I care.... about my family and friends.
I should... not spend so much money on clothes.
I said... I would be better about my spending habits :)
I wonder... why I haven't been.... Oops!
I changed... my last name.
I cry... sometimes.
I lose... hope in the world sometimes.
I leave... nothing else to say.

Surprises are not always worth it.

As you all know, Lo is obsessed with Twilight. So to honor that, I decided to surprise her with tickets to the movie Friday night. I had no idea that she was supposed to go see this movie with Jordan over Thanksgiving (sorry guerl). I hurried after work so that we could make it in time to the theatre. The place was a mad house. I have NEVER seen it like that, not NOW, Not NEVA, Not EVA. Girls were everywhere; in twosomes, foursomes, and massive groups. After standing in line to get into the theatre, we again had to stand in line to get into the room where the movie was showing. Women were running around like crazy trying to get seats. It was a mad house. My description is nothing compared to what I endeavored in person. We got our seats and began the journey. I counted 9 guys (all husbands or boyfriends, at least I hope) total in the entire place. Once married, You learn to do things you never thought you would. They would not stop talking about the book. Grown women made t-shirts that said "I love Edward". Amazingly creepy. When the lights went out, they ALL started screaming and clapping. It was like I was at a Beatles, Jon Bon Jovi, Hanson, Ricky Martin, Nsync, or Jonas Brothers get the point. It was that bad. It got worse when they got their first glimpse of Edward. Other than that, the movie was good, soundtrack definitely better.

Wednesday, November 19

10 months later...its still around.

So Kramer called last night and informed us that our wedding has now made its way onto the world wide web via The Tennessean/Nashville Weddings. If you are interested in taking a look, the link is below. Enjoy if you wish.

Nashville Weddings

(click Houk & Clay)

Tuesday, November 18

Snow, snow go away... come again.... NEVER!

So it snowed today. Yes, you did read correctly - we had our first official snow today. I honestly don't think I am ready for this. I have lived in Mississippi for the past 5 years and Nashville hardly ever gets snow!! People. This is serious. It's November 18. We're not even fully into WINTER yet. I will check back regularly with my attitude with the weather. Everyone at work called me a Southern flower when I was complaining about the snow. I'll take that as a compliment.

If anyone wants to donate gloves and hats to the Clay Snow Fund we are willing to take anything (well, unless it's really ugly and then I'll send it back!! Thhaannkss!). Haha, yall have a good night!


Monday, November 17

TWILIGHT Obsession.

I know I am a little behind the time in becoming obsessed with Twilight. But I will admit - yes - I have become part of the Twilight cult. If you have not begun to read this series I seriously suggest you jump on board and start. I am just about to finish the third book, and let me tell you, I am not that much of a reader! Granted I do have a 40 minute train ride to and from work everyday.. but that is beside the point. Go buy these books and read them!! That is an order.

PS I would like to also admit that I am in love with Edward Cullen. My husband does know this and is willing to accept my cheating heart.
PPS The movie is coming out 21 Nov 08!!! I will be watching this multiple times, so if you want a buddy to go watch it with, I'm your girl!

Hey... how much do yall think those Chloe boots are now??

As I come back to the blogging world, I come with my head hanging low. I have been a sorry excuse for a blogger over the past month or so and I apologize for that. I am now back in action and will not disappoint (even though I know that Wesley is the favorite.. geezz.).

Last weekend I had the great opportunity to go NYC and stay with Jordan and Elizabeth and hang out with Anna. Katie came up too and we had a great time!! I have officially found my heaven: LUCKY SHOPS. Lucky Shops is a shopping event put on by Lucky magazine where designers set up booths and all the merchandise is 50-70% off!!!! Jordan, Katie and I arrived to find tons of clothing and bags - and I will have to admit that we all got a little excited!!! I ended up getting a Foley & Corinna bag and made it back home without divorce papers from my husband because I had spent too much! After that, we walked around Central Park and ate at The Boathouse. It was so great to hang out with friends who I have known for 12 years!! The rest of the weekend was so much fun going out and just being with friends. Miss yall terribly!

I will backtrack to mention that my parents were able to come to DC a couple of weeks ago to visit Wesley and I. We were able to go to great restaurants and visit the national memorials. Hopefully they'll be able to make it back in the spring when it's a little warmer and not so rainy!! Love you Mama and Daddy...

Thursday, November 13

Live from Federal City….. Its WOLO time…

Greetings and good evening, it is C coming at ya from your nation’s capitol. I want to first apologize on the lengthy delay since we last spoke. Due to the overwhelming air time that was the Election, we unfortunately were postponed. But that shit is over and we are back in action. No more interruptions. We promise. Tonight’s topic: Paradise City.

Many of my drunken 80’s swaps (sorry mother) were filled dancing and singing at the top of my lungs to this popular song by Guns n Roses. Looking back, how ironic was it that I was singing about the same place I spent many of my best years in life. Yes my friends, I am talking about Oxford. C & I were able to return to Paradise City Halloween weekend.

Upon arrival, Oxford was more blissful than imaginable. Picturesque foliage, crisp Fall temperatures, and a buzzing SEC town on a football weekend was just what we needed. We began Friday with a Halloween Shower for our friends Amanda & Gunn. Amazing would the best description of that night. C will tell you more about that in another segment. Saturday, we headed to The Grove and celebrated the day with my parents, friends, and an Ole Miss victory. Ladies and Gentlemen, that was a great day.

I will not get into specific details of the weekend, because it would take forever (literally) for me to fully describe every aspect of the intense enjoyment that filled my blood those 72 hours. Just know that all those who made it possible, we love you.

*** For those you who are wondering who & what C is. That's a secret that I'll never tell. Until next time....

Wednesday, November 5

A gloomy day in the district

The weather has been miserable here for the past couple of days. A sign to come? Lets hope not. The sun is trying to break through, hopefully giving us a glimpse of something promising. While I did not vote for Obama, I pray he will do what is best for our country, without changing the principles and beliefs it was founded on. The country has spoken. We now will have to wait and see if this "change" will occur.

A good thing has come out of this election in that every person, black or white, male or female, can now aspire to be the leader of the best country in the world. For that I am proud.

If at anytime you get discouraged, pull out a paper bill ($1, $5, $10, etc.), turn it to the back and read underneath The United States of America. That is what we have going for us. THAT can not be taxed, THAT can not be taken from us and given to another. It is ours to hold forever.