Sunday, January 31

Long Overdue

Currently, I am watching the Grammy's with Lo. It was Sunday Funday, so we took full advantage of the situation....... sleeping late, eating Mexican, ice cream, and finishing it off with pizza and wings. I now feel like an ultimate fat ass (talk about a situation), but tomorrow is a new day and a new month. Most people try and start being healthy and working out Jan. 1, but since everyone does that, I feel enlightened to do things differently. That's were Feb 1 comes into place. Come summer, I will be looking more like Matthew McConaughey than Wesley Clay, but that's cool. I approve.

On a different topic, at Christmas Lo posted a few pics of our apartment in the decorative mood. It completely passed our minds that no one (unless you have visited in person) has seen the penthouse. So here ya go.

Monday, January 25

People are crazy

As if you didn't know already, people are crazy. If you didn't believe in God, then the idea of our pure existence would be baffling. Seriously, we are all crazy in some way. Every person shows a spurt of craziness, I say everyday, but maybe that's just me. I will go even further and say I bet you know a few of your friends, neighbors, co-workers, "acquaintances", wives, husbands who could be considered "certifiable". "I ain't no doctor, but _____________ is certifiable. Yep, sure is, an institution is where she needs to be". Ladies, don't have a hissy-fit on me because I said SHE. You have to be honest, women are crazier than men. And ladies, before you start thinking I am a sexist pig, think about all the crazy shit you, your girlfriends, and other females you know do and you how you thought to yourself "That bitch is crazy". Okay then. Now that I got you off my back I can say men are also crazy. Which proves my point that all people are crazy.

Why am I talking about the crazies. A perfect example would be the dude I ran into tonight walking to meet Lo for dinner. Outside our house on the corner is where two streets meet (hence a corner). There are pedestrian markings across the street to show that "Pedestrians have the right away". I say that lightly because in D.C. that is not the case. Anywho, the normal looking dude starts crossing the street just as the traffic begins to move. Like any day post work in D.C., the cars continue on their way, not letting the guy cross. He goes ape shit. Like crazy screaming "PEDESTRIANS HAVE THE RIGHT AWAY ASSHOLES, LET ME CROSS!!!" This goes on a bit because the cars have yet to let him continue on his way. Finally, he is able to start walking and he finished crossing the street. He makes it to the sidewalk and continues on for another 15-20 feet and then stops and turns around, noticing that other people are now waiting on the cars to cross. The guy loses it in a matter that a straight jacket would not have stopped him. He starts jumping up and down, screaming, fist pumping, the whole nine yards. Remember: He is not on the side of the road, but 20 feet way...No car can see him. Then he just stopped, shrugged his shoulders, and began his journey again, as if it was a normal occurrence. Crazy.

My next example is our crazy neighbor AB (in case she stalks us, which might actually happen, I will not disclose her real name). See AB is a crazy lady. One evening around 6:30 (5:30 for all you Central folk), Lo and I decided we needed to clean up our apartment. It was post Christmas and we had yet to put the luggage, presents, etc away since our return. So as anyone would do to get into the cleaning spirit, we turned on some tunes on our i Home and popped open a bottle of red to ease the pain. Twenty minutes into our cleaning, our very intense cleaning..HAHA, we get a knock on our door.... See we live on the top floor of the building, the only apartment at the top, making it very rare for anyone to come up, especially since you can not just walk into the building; you must be buzzed in. Anyways, I open the door and there stands AB's husband. See AB was pissed because the people "up top" were "having a dance party". Okay Okay, we did do a couple of dance numbers, but not enough to think we were having a party. AB's huzzie looked shocked that there were only two people in our apt, to which he started back tracking apologizing for his wife's craziness. "She gets this way sometimes". Ummm... no kidding. Second go round with AB also occurred post Christmas. We ran into her outside, to where she said "I see youz guys are back in town. I was wondering if you were going to pick up all the Christmas Cards you got". Umm....stalking our mail are we? Crazy.

I could go on and on for days, but I think I will let the readers add to the story. So readers, let Lo and I hear about your crazy people encounters...of course...anonymous...I'm shooting that 2 maybe 3 people post, but come on guys, I write so you can have an enjoyable experience. Why not give back?

Tuesday, January 19

What I really do at work...

I always take my lunch break at my desk (yes... I am a dork.), but I use the time to catch up on my blogs. And to check out what has been updated on my favorite shopping sites. Here is a blog that I really enjoy looking at - it is called Sea of Shoes. The writer of the blog is Jane Aldridge and she is a teenager living in Texas. She has the most UNBELIEVABLE style. She uploads new pictures all the time of outfits she has put together and pieces she has found on ebay, vintage stores and from top designers. I wish I had as much creativity as she does! Anyway, just wanted to share it.

Oh yea, and I love Pioneer Woman as well. She is freakin hilarious. I am going to attempt to make Valentines dinner from all Pioneer Woman recipes... we shall see how that goes! I will definitely be posting updates / pics from that. We all know that I can only semi cook....

Anyway, bed time........... ZZZzzzzzzZZZzzzZzzZzzzzZZZZzz

Thursday, January 14


Please watch the whole thing. I cried because I was laughing so hard. love, lo

Tuesday, January 12


It is crazy to think that 2 years ago today, we were getting married. Time flies when you are having fun. Just a reflection back to that day and night and a special thanks to everyone who made it possible and who were there to celebrate with us.

Also, wanted to give a HUGE thanks to Alice Hendry (wedding planner) and David Wright (photographer) for making our wedding the wedding that never ends. Here is a clip of our wedding on Alice's Blog

And of course, this all could not have happened without our loving parents. Thanks so much. We love y'all.

Thursday, January 7

I secretly stalk the Walgreens website

Through my mother's account. I probably check weekly the photos she uploads to her account and play the slideshows. This allows me to keep up on whats going on with my family, in a visual way. Distance between us: DC to Columbus (900 miles), DC to Brentwood (675 miles).

These are a few of the ones I found and thought I would share.

Bonfire at my parentsThe gift Lauren had begged to buy and she called me mean for not letting her...Dad and MasonBrantly's new puppy, Bailey.Clay Christmas Tree
One of my favorite ornaments from our tree. Props to my mother for making them.
Brantly all dressed up for Christmas.2009 Clay family Christmas pic
Lo and I at the British Ambassador's Christmas Party

And the edited 2009 Clay Family Christmas Pic. :)

Tuesday, January 5

In a Nut Shell

You might be seeing a common theme in my posts lately. That has been a result in my brand new iPod Touch that I got. I can now blog (or make the first draft) anywhere I please and that my followers, can keep the blog running a bit smoother than it has in the past. Below is the post from when we were flying back from the Holiday Season. Better late than never, right?

As I sit on the plane ride back to DC, I feel both eagerness and sadness. I'm going to be honest, as much as I love the big city, I love the south. It's hard to have the two together. You more often than not, have to choose one.

Christmas break was great. Here is the breakdown.

Friday: We visited with the McFatters. Like always, it was a good time. We hung out at their amazing house; drank wine, cooked steaks, and told stories. Their neighborhood Christmas party was that night, so we decided after dinner we would make an appearance. Boy did we. Before our departure, Daniel and I got into Lauren's (also Daniel's wife's name) closet and found her holiday attire. Daniel and I decided that the neighborhood party was for sure Tacky Christmas, so we put on our costumes and gave the girls holiday ribbons for their heads, and away we went.........only to be the SOLES wearing costumes. Well holiday costumes. These 30 year old women at Reunion (that's the neighborhood) thought they were back in college with their mini skirts (no leggings), sequins leggings (you read right), or the tight shirt/legging combo. WOW! They were rough and then had the nerve to look at us like we were strange. Whatever, Tis the Season to be trashy and they for sure were working it.

P.S. We knew it wasn't a tacky party, but wanted to spice it up.

Saturday: We headed over to the Zimmerman's for an always eventful time. The hosts had anything and everything there available for us. We watched The Hangover with Margaret's parents and then got ready and headed to Mary Margaret and Matt's wedding. It was such a good time.

Sunday: Travels to Nashville.

Monday: Christmas shopping where I saw a country music singer (name TBD, but I know it was one) and a Britney Spear's back up dancer. You know the one that made headlines for possibly being her latest squeeze (before her agent/boyfriend)? Yeah, he is from Nashville.

Tuesday: We had family dinner night at The Palm for the many birthdays and finished it off at a VERY interesting bar. Leaving it at that.

Wednesday: Rest and Relaxation

Thursday: Christmas Eve dinner, which consisted of Big Green Egg steaks and Silver Oak. Yom. That followed with a trip over to the Edmonds' for my very first taste of Egg Nog. I actually liked it. Who knew?

Friday: Present opening and Christmas lunch followed by naps! Love Christmas nap.

Saturday and Sunday: Dinner with the Brentwood Academy folks, followed by a hangout at Jordan's and more relaxation.

Monday: Flight back. Fun times. Now on to 2010!

Sunday, January 3


Can anyone believe it's 2010?!! ... because I can't! Where has the time gone?!! I feel like it was just yesterday and we were all waiting for the meltdown of Y2K... and now that was 10 years ago! Dang, I am getting old. Anyway, this year for New Year's Elizabeth and Ryan came down from NYC and stayed with us. New Year's Eve, we all got ready and drank some champagne and then headed out to Sonoma for a fantastic dinner and drinks. We stayed at that restaurant and brought in the new year there before going out to another bar and then heading home.
All of us waiting to ring in the new year...

Happy New Year's toast!!!!!!!

The Ozzie and the Redneck - hehe...

Liz and I tooting our horns!


Holiday Season 2009

Wesley and I are sitting back at home after a whirlwind of a holiday season. I can't believe that it is already over. Since we have been MIA bloggers as we have flown all over the eastern seaboard, I will recap what has gone down over the last couple of weeks. We first spent Thanksgiving in Columbus with Wesley's parents. We had a great week spending time with his family and relaxing. One night we had a bonfire and cooked hot dogs and smores... so much fun. We also went to the Ole Miss / MS State game.... annndddd that's all I have to say about the game. haha. We got to see Kayla and Kevin's new house, Brantly's new puppy, spend time with Wesley's parents and of course got to see Mason.
After Thanksgiving we came back to DC for two weeks of work before heading back south for the Christmas holidays. The day we got back from Columbus I made Wesley take me to Eastern Market to pick out out Christmas tree. We found one that had a little character and was a tad bigger than the one we had last year. We got the tree and some live garland and carried it all home in the back of the car. Here are some pictures of our decorated apartment... Wesley hung some ornaments (well most of them... including the lights... but hey I directed!) We got the rest of the decorations up too so that we could enjoy them for the two weeks we were in town. The mantle with stockings... And our apartment fully decorated! During all of this I turned 25 (wwaaahhhhh!!) and Wesley had his birthday as well. Sometimes it's so weird for me to think that we met when I was 19 and he was 22. Here I am with some friends at Sonoma for some birthday drinks. :) We had some visitors come to town - Jordan and her boyfriend Ryan came and stayed with us for a weekend. We went to dinner, went to a couple bars and watched the Ole Miss game. Such a fun weekend (even though Ryan gave us colds :)!!!) The weekend after that Wesley and I took the bus to NYC to stay with Elizabeth and Ryan - Candace and Charles were in town too, so it was such a fun time! We went out to dinner and shopped around 5th Avenue. It was fun getting to see the Christmas decorations in NYC. The weekend after that we were off to Jackson to start our holidays beginning with Mary Margaret and Matt's wedding. We stayed with the McFatters on Friday night at their wonderful new house. We cooked out there and went to their neighborhood Christmas party - I love the Reunion neighborhood! Saturday night was the wedding - Mary Margaret was beautiful and we had so much fun!

After the wedding we were off to Nashville for a week for Christmas break. It was great spending time with my family as well as my friends from high school who I miss so much. We ate A LOT of good food and drank a lot of good wine. It made me realize how truly blessed and lucky we are and that God has been so good to us.

It was very nice to have a break away from work and the hectic streets of DC, but back to the grind now I suppose. So needless to say we have had a whirlwind end of November / December and are excited for 2010. I think 2010 is going to be a great year for us. Who knows what it is going to bring - all I can say is that we are excited to find out.