Thursday, June 11

Pure Laziness

Elevators. I hate them. Despise them. I have to travel up and down them daily. Sometimes, when I am on them, they (the elevators) think it is very funny to stop at every floor, even when no one is wanting to get on. News flash: Not funny. They also like to stop at every floor when you are waiting for it, are really hungry, and just want to get down to the basement and grab a bag of chips and a Twix because the meal you ate for lunch did not suffice your hunger.

Another thing that truly irritates me, truly, are people who use the elevator for pleasure. At my office building, you enter on the 1st floor. A few weeks ago, I started an observance. It begin because of the following instance:

Like every morning, I walk through security and make my way to the elevators. I'm waiting to go the 5th floor, when a lady walks up and stands beside me. We wait for about 3-4 minutes and then the elevator door opens. We get on; I hit the 5th floor button and then ask her what floor. She responds, "2nd please". You have got to be kidding me. I was furious. Really the second floor. I wanted to tell her she could have already been at her desk facebooking if she wasn't so lazy.

A week or so has passed now and my observances have continued. People USE THE STAIRS. This is one of the reasons Americans are so fat. They would rather wait and eat their chocolate donut than walk up a flight of 23 stairs; I counted them. Let me preface that these stairs loop around, gradually getting higher as you walk. Not treacherous at all.

The more I see people doing this, the louder my sigh becomes. I even made a "Really?" comment to a girl my age when she did this on the elevator. She knew I was pissed. I mean come on people.

I think I am going to ask Obama if I can be the Senate Elevator Czar and start controling this issue. Seriously.