Sunday, July 26

It's summer here in the District, which means more people are outside. The weather, wind, and scenery have been amazing. It has been a couple of months since we moved into our new place. The change is phenomenal. Currently, I am sitting on a couch watching t.v. I can honestly say that 100% of the people who read this blog do not understand the importance of a couch because you have always had one. We, on the other hand, did not had a couch for, count it, TEN MONTHS. That is a really long time. Don't get me wrong, Lo and I loved our pallets and pleather uni-seater chairs, but those days are thankfully over. When we get ready for bed, we actually have to walk into a bedroom and close a door. Funny, the small things that gets us in life.

This morning, we got up and went to church. Lo and I have been looking for a church to call home. We currently attend a Methodist one on the Hill, but it just doesn't click with me. Call me a good ol' Southern boy, but I like to go into a church and have people greet you as if they have known you all your life, regardless if they have or not. Just doesn't happen here. I am used to a preacher mixing college football into the sermon, not the happenings of Healthcare Reform or Harvard professors and Cambridge cops. I deal with politics on a daily basis and prefer NOT to listen to it during church. What happened to the separation of Church and State? I understand I live in the Nation's capitol, but geez. On our walk home, it was the topic of our discussion (as you can tell I'm pretty upset about it). We just have to continue to have faith and trust that a church will come into our lives. I think we need to make our way into Virginia.

I am about to sign off on The Wolo. It's dinner and movie night at the PentHouse! (on our couch)!! Until next time.......

Saturday, July 25

Lucky :)

"Lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
Lucky we're in love in every way
Lucky to have stay were we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday...."

- Jason Mraz

That's all for tonight... love, LO

Friday, July 24

If it could be done all over again...

Don't get me wrong, I loved my wedding. It was exactly like Lauren and I. However, if we could have a do over this is what we would have done.

Can you imagine the looks on everyone's face?

Thursday, July 23

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Friday, July 10

Writing often is best when the author is in a state of happiness or in a state of depression. I am in neither of the two, but wondered if I should even attempt to blog about this. But then I got to thinking, our readers always see the happy times of The Wolo. We are human and go through struggles and dips in life just like everyone else. Why not post those occurrences? In order to truly get one side, you must also understand the other, right?

How can a fight in a relationship lead to a deeper, more passionate love for that same person hours ago you momentarily despised? It seems like an oxymoron or some twisted idea thought up by the most unpleasant human being. But no, just a regular man who has fallen more in love because of a misunderstanding, probably brought on by a long day of stress, work, and a little bit of alcohol. While I am being openly honest about my human nature, this was not the first and for sure not the last of our quarrels. But this one has caused me to reflect on some that have previously taken place. After the storm has past, one thing has occurred every time for me, is a profound knowing that that person I said I will love forever has again made me fall more in love than the day before.

No matter what the cause of the tornado (i.e. our fights) wait. disagreements, the result for me is always clear. I love my wife. I have also found I can't stay mad at her... I try to believe me, especially when I'm right (which is rare). But she is just way too darn cute. I know that I am placing myself on the chopping block because I have exposed top secret information that now jeopardizes/eliminates what chance of a fight I had left on my side.

But in the end, what's important is the faith that all our disagreements, once worked through, will build a better foundation for our future and make our love and devotion stronger. Long live the Wolo!

Season 2

Lauren has already mentioned our lack of blogging. At the same time, frequent followers have requested new posts, but let's not get greedy here.

Our absence from the blogging world is like your favorite TV show that has ended for the season. You long for the new season to begin, but know the wait will be well worth it. While not posting, we have researched, filmed, and gathered numerous topics that should make Season 2 of The Wolo even better than the first. Of course, we will take looks back into the first season that will clarify the goings on of the new season.

This season of The Wolo….. New characters, intense drama, and enlightened happiness are just a few of the exciting happenings (or not so) in the daily lives of two individuals set out to conquer their dreams in the midst of reality setbacks. Through their eyes, watch as their lives unfold…

Note: The theme song is playing throughout this.

Until Next Time.

Monday, July 6


Yes. I know. I am fully aware. Wesley and I have become blogging failures. I will admit that I am ashamed. I thought I would take this full steam ahead and really become a master blogger. That didn't happen. So many things have happened since our last blog and I will update you on them all... but not now. Because again I am a failure and don't feel like it. So I will just give you a preview... Just a little taste of blogs to come...

1. WE MOVED. Yes we finally have a one bedroom apartment. Pictures will be uploaded.
2. We have had so many great visitors! Yes, we love you all and you each will get a shout out for being such great friends. :)
3. Fourth of July in DC. Nothing beats it - you will get a full run down of the festivities.
4. Ellen and Danny got married! Best wedding week/ weekend of my life. Check out the pics on facebook - it was awesome.
5. Amanda and Gunn also got married! Oxford, friends, square, weddings = happiness. (I actually think I am going to do a full shout out to all my friends who have gotten married this year. We will see if this actually happens... I am setting high hopes.)
6. Wesley got a promotion! We are moving up the political ladder. :)
7. Taste of the South. Southern states society black tie ball. Southern food, Southern drinks, Southern friends - enough said.
8. Rehoboth Beach - Our first vacation since our honeymoon. It rained the whole time... sweet.
9. Virginia Wine Tasting. Booyahh.
10. I can't think of a 10th... but there is something else fun that has gone on in my life.

That's all I've got for now. LC