Thursday, April 28

That Little Girl of Mine from Tennessee

Since last Saturday, I have been bachelorin it up. That means I call the shots in the household. No compromise. What I says goes. So basically nothing really has changed. HAHAA. Everyone who knows my wife, knows that is not the case.

What does being a bachelor really mean:

It means NOT get up at the ass crack of dawn to be at the gym. Nope, being a bachelor means you get to sleep in until 8:20 to be at work at 9:00.

It means ordering 2 egg rolls, 6 steamed dumplings, and General Tso's chicken... then two nights later returning for another order of steamed dumplings.

It means eating wings two nights in one week.

It means not having to eat pizza with zucchini and squash on it.

It means whatever piece of clothing you take off stays right where it was removed. No clothes hamper mumbo jumbo.

It means toilet seat up.

It means drinking from the milk jug at the coffee table. No glass necessary.

It means throwing everything on the top shelf of the refrigerator because you know there is no one there telling you that doing that drives them crazy.

It means toothpaste lid off.

But the one the being a bachelor means is that it makes you not want to be bachelor. I think when I was actually one back in the day, I had several roommates and not just a cat that doesn't like me. It is amazing who time will do to a person. I even miss her stubbornness, and bossiness, and most importantly, her smile.....I can not wait to pick up that little girl of mine from Tennessee at the airport tomorrow.

I heard this song the other day and immediately thought of Lo.

My Little Girl in Tennessee from Chris Thile & Michael Daves on Vimeo.

Mississippi: Donate

Please donate food, clothing, basic necessities to National Guard Armory in Amory. If you can't get there, donate to the Mississippi Red Cross. Northeast MS needs your help!!

Monday, April 25

Marlene & Me Part II

Still not much interaction with Marlene. Except for at 5:01 A.M., 5:47 A.M., 6:13 A.M., and 7:29 A.M. That is when she decided it would be funny to come jump on the bed, meow like a crazy person, and tap my face or hand with her paw. Yes, she a tapper. On a normal morning, I would already be up and at the gym, but it's Bachelor week, and that means hitting the snooze button and not caring.

After her 4th meow yelling/paw tapping debacle, I decided I should get up and shower. I sat up and the cat disappeared. I didnt see her the rest of the morning. I didn't get much sleep last night because I thought Marlene was going to shit and piss all over my apartment. Luckily, she remembered where the pooper tub was located. With it being recess on Capitol Hill, I am able to run home for lunch. I also thought it would be nice to say hello. That didn't happen. I called her name, looked under the couch, the chair, the closets, under the bed, and any where else I could think. No sign of the black cat.

After work, I came home and for almost an hour, searched the normal places, while calling the cats name in English and British a thousand times. At this point, I started getting worried. What if on the first full day, I lost the damn cat. Typical of me. Then out of no where, she jumped out of the closet and figuratively scared the shit out of me. After that, she ran off and has been running away from me ever since.

She is currently sitting on the chair giving me the evil eye. Maybe one day she will want more. Until then, she runs.

See the cuddly Marlene here.

Sunday, April 24

Marlene & Me

Today is the first day Marlene joined our family. She is an adorable half English/half Scottish black cat, who is staying with us for a couple of months, until she is able to hop over to the UK with her real parents. Until that time comes, she will be with us. Which only means a lot of stories. Right now, she doesn't like me. That is fine. I totally understand. I don't like many people in the beginning either.

Earlier this afternoon, Marlene arrived with her luggage including play pen, fishing sticks, fake mice, goldfish, and a year's supply of Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken and Fish, Friskies Gravy Sensations, and of course, basic dry cat food. A girl's gotta eat, right?

Well since our first enactment, I have seen Marlene all of 5 minutes. Things were turning when she decided she wanted to lay on the couch with me. That quickly ended when a massive thunder storm decided to ride through Capitol Hill. I haven't seen her since. I have tried to make her life as normal as possible. Hopefully it will start working soon.

The night should be interesting. I hope she remembers where I put the tidy cat pooper tub.

Until Next Time......

Taste of the South

Every year, us Southerners have to do something to show these Northerners just how a Gala is thrown. This year's event was amazing, except for the weather. As always, it rained. Lucky for us, and Lo's dress & shoes, it did not rain on our way in or out. Here are a few pics from the night. Taste of the South raised over $200,000 for both local and Southern charities this year, totaling over $4 million to date. Good times for good causes.

[courtesy of]

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Friday, April 15

Glad to Know People Love Us

Don't worry people, I can honestly say that due to my patriotic act of walking into the meeting with President Obama and Majority Leader Reid last week, they were finally able to stop acting like children and agree to the GOP's spending cuts. It was all me. You are welcome.

But because of that and many meetings in the White House and on Capitol Hill, I have been unable to keep your days moving with my highly hilarious blog post. Its okay, the heart grew fonder. I know that.

I am back, but only to thank our dear friends Kayla and Kevin for visiting us. We had so much fun catching up with them, going to dinner, and showing them the beauty of Washington D.C.

Oh wait, that was.....OVER A YEAR AGO.

Yes, that was the last time someone came to visit. Hard to believe, I know? I mean come on people, its not like we leave in Bum-F Egypt. We live in the most powerful city in the world, a place many of you have probably never visited or if have, it was back in 7th grade and all you cared about what was how to get to the mall (not the National Mall).

We have heard all the lame excuses and don't buy them if you are wondering. In a year's time, Lo and I have been back to the South 9 times, so again, your excuses are invalid. There will come a time when we are not living in this city and every single person who didn't come will say "Dang. I/We should have come to D.C. when y'all lived there, but we didn't and we regret that". Umm damn right you should. SO think about that. Note: This blog excludes parents.

Oh and by the way, all forms of transportation get to this city....trains, planes, and automobiles. Boats too.

Anyways, don't worry about us. We are doing just fine. We have a big charity gala tomorrow, which is going to be a lot of fun. Pictures shall come up post event.

Happy Friday and until next time.....