Thursday, January 27

Give It To Me, Bring It Here....Uh huh, okay, whats up?

I know we said our posts would increase more this year, but as of now, not much has really happened that you needed to be aware of. Yesterday, it snowed alot and caused major chaos in the D.C. area. I'm not really sure why. I thought if we could handle 40+ inches at one time, then we could handle anything. Apparently not.

I have a really hard time spelling "apparently". I do not know why, but I do. I also can never say irrelevant. I most always (99.9%) say irrevelant, which is not even a word. I actually just re-read the sentence and said irrevelent. Weird. That is also the case with specific. I say pacific. I don't know why, I just do. I gave up facebook, so if any of you weirdo, stalker, non-friends can not seem to find me, its because I'm not there.

I am currently on this weight gain kick. I eat 6 or 7 small meals a day, increased my protein intake, cut back to only lean meats, and have hit a pretty extensive workout. No, this is not my New Year's resolution, I always workout. Maybe the eating plan has worked. From Week 2 to Week 4, I gained 6.3 pounds. Maybe it was just because on Sunday night I ate a large pizza, a box of chicken wings, and half an order of cheesy bread. Who knows? I guess the weigh-in on Monday will tell.

Cecilia, you're breaking my heart.....You're shaking my confidence daily....

Did we tell you about our cat named Kitty? She lives next door and comes in when we get off of work and stays until she goes to the door and starts meowing. She is very affectionate and loves attention. She also is kind of a bitch and hates when you twirl her tail. For some reason, she tries to bite you when you attempt this. (shoulder shrug)

I really really enjoy ethnic food. It has become a love of mine since moving to the District. I love Indian and Ethiopian cuisine. Yes, contrary to commercials, there is an Ethiopian cuisine. If you ever get a chance to venture out in the culinary world, I would highly recommend it. Also, nothing is better than General Tso's Chicken. I could eat it everyday. Seriously I could. I aint lying to you.

I will leave with one thought....How does a school that goes 4-8, loses to the in-state cow college twice in a row, has no defense, or quarterback, still end up with a better recruiting class?? Guess the cow college isnt really the school going up.

P.S. I was listening to GirlTalk when I wrote this, which now helps explain the jumpiness of my writing you were trying to figure out. REWIND. I got da diamonds on my neck. Patron in my hand.

Friday, January 14

Friday Afternoon Tune

I received an email this afternoon from Brother Sam Waters and the following video was linked to it. Since then, I have listened to it 100 times. The original version by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is quite amazing, but this duo really knows how to make you smile. The best part is around 1:47 listen in to see how cute she is. They are very talented. Happy Friday.

[video from youtube]

Wednesday, January 12

three years of wolo

Well, I logged on to post a cheesy post about our anniversary and find the wonderful and sweet below post from my husband. That's why I married that man, people.

Anyway, my post is a little more light hearted in reference to our three years (well six actually, but who's counting?) together. Wesley likes to kindly tell me that it feels more like 20 years, but I will take that as a compliment. At this time three years ago, I was at the hair studio watching my bridesmaids get their hair done and eating Jimmy John's sandwiches. No one was drinking the mimosas we had because everyone had had a little too much fun the night before. :) It was a great, relaxing time before the games began! A lot better than where I am now - sitting at my desk at work!

Wesley and I have experienced a lot of changes, moves and ups and downs in the last three years. Here is just a brief recap of some things that have gone on in our lives.....

- lived in Oxford, MS for six months and have been in DC since July 2008
- we have lived in five different apartments all within the same block (besides the first one in Oxford)
- we have to be Southwest's best customers, racking up at least two free flights each per year
- both of us have been in the same jobs (truly a blessing!)
- attempted to get a cat... twice, and have been rejected, so we now settle for our neighbors cat who likes to come in our house when they let it outside to use the restroom. we like to steal it for a couple of hours. who doesn't love a pet that you only have to take care of when you feel like it?! - downsized from two cars to one. definitely a lesson in sharing - what's yours is mine, and what's mine is.... mine. right?
- established our household chores: wesley does the ironing, laundry and tidying up... and I watch and support. oh yea, and i cook sometimes :) i see hiring a maid in our future.
- we love filling our home with tons of smelly candles and frequently try to avoid burning our house down.
- the best way for us to live sanely is for us to have separate closets - in separate rooms!
- on the same note, a shoe closet is essential.
- we love spending time standing up in our kitchen with a glass of wine recapping the day.

I am sure there is more, but I must get back to work and the real world. I am so thankful for the past six years, and we want to thank yall for all the love and support through this time. Below is a picture from our wedding. I think it pretty much sums up wolo. And to my wonderful husband, I love you so much and cheers to many many many more years to come.

A Daughter, A Sister, A Wife, A Best Friend

Growing up, I often wondered who I would end up marrying. I fell in love, lost love, and continued searching for love. In college, I conducted numerous 3-month experiments trying to find validity in love and hoping to discover its glory.

The trope of Western literature that is love at first sight is something that I grew up believing in. My father often told the story of how he met my mother. The story, in short, is that he saw her walking across a baseball field one day and knew at that moment, he would marry her. He then went home and told his mother he saw the girl he was going to spend the rest of his life with. This story has been confirmed by my grandmother. For me, I always felt I would someday experience this phenomenon. One February night after being denied by a now dear friend, I was able to meet this tiny, little, beauty from Tennessee. We exchanged hellos and went about our business, but something was there. I knew it. I called my father and said the exact phrase he once told his mother some years back.

Ben Harper once sang the following lyrics:

Waiting on an angel
One to carry me home

Hope you come to see me soon

Cause I don' t want to go alone

I don' t want to go alone

I no longer have to wait, because I found mine.

Today, I celebrate 3 wonderful married years with Lauren. We have spent the last 6 years getting to know each other and have witnessed much happiness, sadness, and challenges throughout that time. I was able to able to find love at first sight and I look forward to many more years with the stinker.

Below are a few glimpses of that January day, three years ago.

Monday, January 10

Reflection on Tuscon

As we continue to get settled back into the grind after a long hiatus in Mississippi for the Holidays, I had hoped that my first post would be on a positive note. Unfortunately, I am unable to do that. By now, everyone is well aware of the tragedy that took place in Tuscon over the weekend. The media coverage has been non-stop, and I'm sure everyone is tired of seeing it when they turn on the television.

Often times when events like these occur, we feel sad for the individuals affected, but then continue on with our lives. Rarely (and thank God for that) does it really ever hit home. Unfortunately, this tragedy did for Lauren and I. While we did not know anyone personally, our ties are very close to two of the victims: Congresswoman Giffords and the aide who was killed. Working on the Hill, I have found our community to be a very close knit group. Everyone knows someone who has a connection with another friend of yours. It is a very small world.

Friday night, we watched the movie "Letters to Juliet". At one point, the main character writes a letter to a lady who lost love. She begins with this:

"'What' and ‘if’ are two words as nonthreatening as words come. But put them together side-by-side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life: ‘What if?'..."

At that time, the quote stuck in my head, but it has become more profound in light of the killing of a staffer on Saturday. Giffords' aide had just turned 30 and was about to get married. His fiance, his family, and his friends no longer can celebrate the wedding that was about to take place. Instead, they mourn his life and think "what if".

As we sat there watching the news, Lo and I just sat in silence, not speaking, but knowing exactly what each was thinking. That could have been one of my co-workers. That could have been one of our friends. That could have been me. I have the same job as this former aide. Many don't understand the other side of the world that occurs in D.C. Thousands of staffers tirelessly work here serving our states, our districts, and the Senators/Representatives we work for. We, on NUMEROUS occasions, head back to the state to staff constituent events, not ever thinking about the possibility of our lives being threatened or taken. Until now. This event has shaken Capitol Hill and it will forever be in the back of our minds when we step out into the public for events. No one should EVER feel they have to work in fear. It was a senseless act.

Below is a picture from earlier this morning where Congressional Staffers paused for a moment of silence. It was amazing to see so many of us there. Somber yet moving.

[picture from the Washington Times]