Monday, March 28

We Need.......You Supply

Our Weekends will not be the same if you do not HELP.....

Don't you want us to stay in our comfort zone?!?! PEAS!

Saturday, March 19

Today We

This morning we woke up and met some friends for a quick trip to the US Capitol. Our good friend Brendan is Speaker of the House John Boehner's Press Secretary and he let us go hang out on the his balcony in the Capitol. Might I say that many people will never get to see a view quite like this, and especially not on the balcony that belongs to the person who is 3rd in line to the Presidency. #GOP

Currently, we are getting ready to head out to dinner with a group of friends. Adria, who is in law school at Ole Miss is visiting for Spring Break 2K11. First stop, dinner at Founding Farmers, then out on H Street, most likely at Smith Commons. Fun night ahead.

Inside Founding Farmers

Smith Commons on H Street

Until Next time....

Friday, March 18

Happy Anniversary to My Parents

32 years is quite an accomplishment. It truly goes to show, if you marry your best friend, you can and will get through anything. May they have 32 more years together. Oh wow, can you imagine my father 32 years older and wiser?!?! Get out of the way people, Catfish is headed this way on his motor scooter and he's waiving his cane.

Sunday, March 6

Guess who's back.... back again....

Yea yea yea... no excuses. We basically are just terrible at blogging. Bottom line - that's it. We're bad at it. And we decided not to start our New Year's resolutions until March. Ya know... test out 2011. Dip our toe in and then decide what our resolutions for the year are going to be. Which is why today, the first weekend in March (or is it the second? Whatever... just go with me here), we are cleaning our house, rearranging our bedroom, actually doing a budget for the first time in the 3 years we have been married and coming back to the blogging world. Welcome to a belated 2011. Love, The Clays

SO. A brief recap. I actually feel like nothing has gone on. We have been home for most of the weekends which has been great. Wesley and I have seen a few movies (did anyone else get the Fandango $9/ two tickets deal?!!! Ummm amazing), gone to a few restaurants and basically been boring. Oh and we have been cutting coupons. And I am excited about it. I actually sat at Starbucks this morning and stole someone's Washington Post just so I could get the Sunday coupons out. Wow. Maybe this is an over share and I'm showing how dorky I really am. Anyway, I guess the biggest highlight is that Wesley and I both got promotions. Great news. I guess sometimes hard work does pay off. Besides that... here we go....

Margaret and Peyton got married :) Amazing time with great friends! Take us back!! (besides the fact that I lost my camera..........wahhhh)

We had our 3 year wedding anniversary. :)

Visited Liz and Ryan in NYC. We took the bus down Friday morning and spent the day wandering around Soho and shopping. Ate at Mercer Kitchen and Beauty & Essex. Delicious. Great time as always.

Avie McFatter arrived!!! :) Lauren and Daniel became parents to a beautiful baby girl on February 24. We are so in love already and can't wait to meet her. Aunt Lo can't wait to buy some Grove dresses for her. :)

And that's about it. Besides eating frozenyo constantly, cooking, working, running and having wolo weekends.... that's about it. Oh yea, and we have a part time cat named Kitty. No plans for the spring. Perhaps a trip to the South? We hope so.... too bad we are short on funds. We will take charity though. Please make out all checks to Lauren Clay. Any amount will do. Thanks for the generosity. Just kidding... kind of. Hope to see yall soon.

And if anyone sees my parents, could you please tell them to come visit me.... like.... tomorrow? That would be great. Until next time..... love, lo