Thursday, November 19

Eternal Love Still Exists

Yesterday, Senator Byrd became the longest serving Senator in the history of the United States. However, what stuck out the most to me was how he reacted when he talked about his wife. Scroll over to around the 8:30 mark and watch. It's priceless.

Did you wish you had a tissue while watching that? Lo did. Both times she watched it.

So to all the non-believers of eternal love, this is just another example that proves you wrong. They were married for 69 years and he still feels the same way today. Can you imagine Lo and I 69 years later?!?! haha. Classic. I look forward to the memories. Many of our readers will be part of these.

Lo Now.

Lo in 69 years. I must note she is in FULL Chanel.

Me Now.

Me in 69 years.

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. - The Wonder Years

Tuesday, November 3

7 Week Fly By

Is it really November?

It is probably a safe assumption that The Clay's have lost a few followers since our last posting. We apologize profoundly. Life has been a bit crazy the last several weeks. I am about to summarize in a nutshell what has occurred in our lives since we last spoke.

August Recess equaled more work, The Clay parents came, found out you have to pay to see Mount Vernon, Ole Miss started off hot and ranked (not the case now), Watched the SELA game on the computer, cried after the South Carolina game , went to Richmond with our friend Marcus, came back, was the only husband/boyfriend to watch the Lady Gaga concert in D.C., flew to Nashville, watched the Vandy game with tons of friends, flew back to D.C., flew to Oxford, stayed with Daniel and Watkins at The Watkins ' house, went to the Grove, saw shirtless college grads sing Party in the USA and Kings of Leon, refused to pay $20 to get into the Library, listened to the Little Mermaid, drove to Nashville, flew to D.C., got our car repaired ....twice , spent a weekend in D.C. finally, was able to maintain our double income (Thank the Lord), went to the Blue Ridge Mountains/Charlottesville, sat in the box at UVA and watched the game (it was very nice since it poured the entire game), were Chuck & Blair for Halloween (Gossip Girl for those who do not know) and now are getting ready to fly to Columbus for Kevin and Kayla's wedding tomorrow. It should be a great time.

I know us in a nutshell is not the same as detail blogs giving insight on exactly what we have done, but after getting up to go to the gym before work, WORK, then dinner, and Lauren's occasional swim lessons (teaching not taking), we have just a smidgen of time for each other. We choose that over blogging. We will get better. Promise.