Saturday, July 19

Farewell Oxford... Hello DC

Hello all - I know Wesley and I haven't posted in about a week, but we have just been so crazy getting everything moved and ready.

First of all, I would like to mention how special and memorable our first six months of being married has been - all thanks to living in Oxford. I can honestly say I haven't had more fun and made more memories than I have made in Oxford since January. So saying all that, I want to thank our very best friends in Oxford (you know who yall are) for giving Wesley and I the best last six months we could have ever asked for. We miss yall so much already and will never forget the memories we all made together. Mario forever :)
And don't worry. We'll be back... November 1 - Auburn vs Ole Miss. Be there.

Okay, the last week has been a whirlwind! Last Friday, the McFatters hosted a cookout at their house for our departure. It was so much fun, especially since Danul grilled the award winning sausage and cheese plate of all time... hehe - later hitting up the Club and getting a pic with Mari..O...O....O....O. Down down.. do your dance.. do your dance... :) Apparently we didn't get our fill of the Club on Friday night, so Saturday we were back there with the McFatters. Typical!

Last week consisted of packing.. packing... packing. Sunday Wesley's parents came in town and on Tuesday my mom came in town to help us pack. Of course, all week Wesley and I had to hit up every possible eating locale in Oxford (porkers....haha), so that left us full all week. City Grocery, Yocona, and Two Stick just to name a few. I can't believe we didn't make it to 208... so sad. Thursday, after getting our whole condo packed up.. the Clay/ Houk caravan of Wesley driving the UHaul truck with my mom and I following was a sight to see! Friday we got everything unpacked into the Houk Storage Unit (hahah....) and we all enjoyed a BGE night! Candace and Charles came over for a fun night of Steak, cabernet, and conversation. We had so much fun. :)

TODAY, Saturday was our moving day!!! After repacking all morning we got to the airport and our three suitcases were all overweight!! So after paying that fee we were on our way. Our flight was great where we arrived in Baltimore. Carrying our total of five pieces of luggage and two computer cases, Wesley and I trekked to the Amtrak station. We got there relatively smoothly, bought our tickets and immediately realized that the train we had just bought tickets for was already pulling out of the station. Sweaty, tired... and anyone that really knows me... being extremely irritated.. we have to exchange our tickets, but finally get on a train and make it to Union Station. Arriving there, Wesley attempts to get in touch with the guy who has the keys to our apartment.. No answer. This is getting to be around 7:30pm and anyone else who really knows me.... I was getting extremely hungry and cranky. So we find a sandwich place and sit down while Wesley continues calling. No answer. He ends up calling someone in Oxford.. telling them that we're getting a hotel room on Ole Miss's tab.. YES! After a short walk... Wesley and I end up standing in front of the Capital building... with all our luggage.. worn out and tired and finally at a hotel. So here we are... not in our apartment, but in a "shay shay" hotel (according to Ms. Mary from Outreach) called Hotel George... on Ole Miss's tab sipping Penfold's cabernet and watching TV.

So here we are. Finally. Wesley and Lauren living in DC. The WoLo Adventure has begun.

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jordan rutledge said...

i'm glad you two made it!!! its going to be an adventure, that's for sure. i can't wait to see you. come visit me soon...and don't worry lo...i'll be shopping with you in chinatown SOON. love you two.