Sunday, August 24

The Big Move!!!

Well today........ Wesley and I moved!!! Our new place is so great and so much bigger than our old place. It is amazing what you learn to love when you don't have it anymore.. We actually have a full size bed now AND a separate kitchen that has a dishwasher (we didn't have one in our old place)!! And we have air conditioning now... yes, we had no air conditioning before.. for five weeks... in the swamp heat of DC. We have two closets so we have plenty of room and our bathroom is actually bigger than it was in Oxford. I have no pictures tonight, but will try to pull through with some tomorrow (and definitely some of the kitchen). Off to bed for week SIX of work!

**Side note: I will say a sad farewell to the summer Olympics 2008. Until 2012... whoop whoopp... LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**



Anonymous said...

yay for a new place!! I'm excited to see some pictures!

Jessica Lundy said...

I miss you terribly Lo!! I am glad you are liking your new place! Can't wait to come visit!
PS Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog...