Wednesday, October 22

Change in weather for me equals sinuses. Lo has been battling a cold for a couple of weeks now, while have been taking precautions. Unfortunately, when the weather is hot-cold-hot- now cold, there is pretty much no hope. I do not feel bad; I just have the “cup to the ear” sickness called sinus pressure. We will get through it. Other than that, life is crazy on Capitol Hill. Everyone is running around for whatever reason. The election has gotten EVERYONE in a tizzy. I haven’t written much about politics because most people are not interested in it. I know my wife is not. She hates it. She supports the Queen.

They are calling this presidential election the most historic one in the history of the United States. While I feel your political decision is just that YOUR decision, I can say I am a McCain supporter. One for many reasons. I do not hate Obama or his supporters, I just feel that he has an “air” about him that I just do not understand. I believe many people are intrigued by him because they do not know anything about him and have an urge to learn more. We do not know much about his past or exactly what his views are for the future, yet we yearn to find out. I just hope what we find out about him is good. Currently, I am reading a book call The Audacity of Deceit by Brad O’Leary.

“What lies beneath Barack Obama's well-polished rhetoric will shock you. Obama touts 'change' but his version is nothing less than a frontal assault on American values and traditions. Obama's goal? Bring America to her knees through a policy of 'managed decline.' On his watch, our great nation will become a second-rate country on a downhill slide. In The Audacity of Deceit, Brad O'Leary takes you deep inside Obama's plans to dismantle the Second Amendment and destroy our economy while putting us in thrall to the United Nations and laying waste to all that millions of Americans hold dear. You’ll learn: How Obama's fatherless childhood mirrors that of Bill Clinton's and fuels his obsession with fame and power at any cost. How his tax plan would raise rates to a Hoover-like 60% and eviscerate America's economy. How the U.S. Treasury will become the United Nations' ATM. Why Obama wants to keep fuel prices high and Americans immobilized. The '0 to 5' initiative designed to transfer child-rearing from parents to the state. Here are the facts about Barack Obama. Barack Obama may be desperately tacking towards the middle in order to attract voters, but as The Audacity of Deceit proves, his real beliefs are not those of the majority of Americans.”

I would recommend the book if you are a McCain or Obama supporter. The one thing I hate about politics is how people are bringing their children into it. I recently watched a video of 1st graders singing their praises to Obama. Regardless of whom the candidate is, these children do not understand politics nor should be walking advertisements. Those parents are sad individuals.

I am also adding a video. If you are on my mailing list, then you have already received this. If not, take a look. It is a 22-minute long sermon at an African-American church in New York City. You will be surprised at the content. Be aware, there is some language that may not be suitable for young children. Here is the link:

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Ryan, Jenny, Crew and Carrington said...

hey wesley--

i found yours and lauren's blog a while back and have been enjoying reading about your DC adventures. both of you are very entertaining.=)

i agree with you on the whole politics issue--we've been given strict instructions NOT to tell our students whose side we're on (McCAIN!) b/c they don't understand and most are talking about who their parents are voting for anyway.

one things for sure---i will be glad when it's all over, and can only pray that we will not have to experience any of obama's said "change".

good to see you doing well and enjoying life. you and lauren are a great couple.

take care!
jenny holloway