Sunday, November 23

Surprises are not always worth it.

As you all know, Lo is obsessed with Twilight. So to honor that, I decided to surprise her with tickets to the movie Friday night. I had no idea that she was supposed to go see this movie with Jordan over Thanksgiving (sorry guerl). I hurried after work so that we could make it in time to the theatre. The place was a mad house. I have NEVER seen it like that, not NOW, Not NEVA, Not EVA. Girls were everywhere; in twosomes, foursomes, and massive groups. After standing in line to get into the theatre, we again had to stand in line to get into the room where the movie was showing. Women were running around like crazy trying to get seats. It was a mad house. My description is nothing compared to what I endeavored in person. We got our seats and began the journey. I counted 9 guys (all husbands or boyfriends, at least I hope) total in the entire place. Once married, You learn to do things you never thought you would. They would not stop talking about the book. Grown women made t-shirts that said "I love Edward". Amazingly creepy. When the lights went out, they ALL started screaming and clapping. It was like I was at a Beatles, Jon Bon Jovi, Hanson, Ricky Martin, Nsync, or Jonas Brothers get the point. It was that bad. It got worse when they got their first glimpse of Edward. Other than that, the movie was good, soundtrack definitely better.

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