Wednesday, January 7

Happy New Year 2009!!!

Okay, so we didn't really spend New Year's in London, but I thought it would be festive - New Year's... I work with the Brits... you get it. Okay, I tried. Anyway Happy New Year to all (even though it is 7 days late.... can you tell I am stretching out one post into multiple posts just so I look like a good blogger..) I always think New Year's is a little overrated - you're "supposed" to go out and drink great champagne and have a fabulous time. I just think that's a little too forced, so this year we had a low key night. Liz Black and her boyfriend Ryan were planning on coming in town, but at the last minute her meanie boss wouldn't let her off work (yall come to DC sooooonnn!!). So Wesley and I went to dinner at Chef Geoff's and then went to a party right across the street from our house. Then we had movie day all day on Thursday.

Anyone have any good news resolutions? I have one to announce that I am really going to try to keep up. I am going to stop screening phone calls. Honestly, I am. No more screening. If you have any resolutions to share, then add a comment! HNY 2009!

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lauren said...

just called to see if you were keeping up your new years resolution. thanks for the screen, lo. love yall