Tuesday, April 21

You Know I Like My Chicken Fried...........

1) Love the song.
2) Lauren and I had a great time in Nashville over the Easter weekend. As always, the day we left DC, Lo was in the happiest mood known to man or woman. We got to Nashville with daylight left, unloaded our bags, and headed to Franklin to have dinner at Boxwood Bistro with Lo's parents and brother. If you are near the Nashville/Brentwood/Franklin area, this restuarant should not pass you by. It was amazing and it just so happens to be owned by some long time friends of Laurens' family and the parents of good ol Katie Horrell. Click on the name above and check out what it has to offer. Go there, you will not be disappointed. Friday evening came Grill Out, Go Out at Jordan's (P.S. this should become an annual event...well most of it..) and boy was that eventful. Eventful because of the following story:

Around 1:30ish...(I know, nothing good happens after 12:00)...Lo and I decided that we were tired of the Honky Tonk Bar Cadillac Ranch. Might I add, this is the 1st time in five years I have gone out in downtown Nashville. Locals steer clear of the tourist bars, unless in the mood for an eventful evening. Anyways, outside of the Ranch, we got into a taxi. I asked the foreign taxi driver, WITH A $20 BILL WAVING IN MY HAND, that all I had was this $20 bill and could it get us to Brentwood. He responded in his taxi driver voice (indian, chinese, mixture, whatever, you know the voice) "yes yes of course. it will take you to brentwood. you. get into car. i take you to brentwood. yes yes brentwood. get in." So after our verbal agreement, we got into the car, headed out of downtown Nashville, and onto I-65 South headed to Brentwood. On the way, a few miles from our exit, our driver pulls over and starts yelling "get out! get out! your twenty dollar over. get out now." Uh....Seriously dude. Very politely, I asked him if he was serious to which he replied "get out! get out! your twenty dollar over. get out now." Uh.....No...After yelling and screaming that he was not leaving us on the side of the interstate... at 1:30 in the morning.... miles away.... and that we would sit in his car and wait until someone picked us up before we got out, we made a comprise.... Well not really. He realized that in order for him to get back to downtown, he would have to take the Brentwood Exit. ha. He flew down the interstate, exited off the exit and looped back around and entered on the on ramp, to where he pulled over and we got out. Not really where we thought we were going, but nonetheless in Brentwood. With Lo on my back, because she was wearing 4.5 inch heels, we/I trucked through the muck to Waffle House where we sat until T came and got us. Always a story. Always.

The next day was brighter, with my family driving up to spend Saturday and Sunday with us. We enjoyed spending time with family and good Southern food, all of which made us want to move back sooner than later. Fear not, we shall return.


MS Mom said...

We keep telling you to keep cash on hand, not everyone takes a debit card. Great story, glad it turned out as well as it did. Love the pictures,who is your photographer?

love ya both !!

mother teresa said...

Miss ya'll....come back sooooon!!!!

Ryan, Jenny, Crew and Carrington said...

omg..that is hilarious. i'm sure you didn't think so at the time, but definitely a funny memory to hold onto. =)