Tuesday, May 5

The Repetitions of Grey's Anatomy

I know many of our readers are avid Grey's Anatomy fans. Thursday nights in DC are FILLED with the excitement of Ugly Betty, Greys, and Private Practice. While I think Ugly Betty is actually pretty funny, the remaining shows bother me.

Private Practice: I usually just zone out, but Greys, I tend to watch in total distaste. I mean seriously, the show has run it course. And what makes me hate the show the most is their repetitive dialect.

If you have not caught on to this, I urge you to take a listen. They repeat everything, all the time. Lauren can vouch for me even though she probably won't because she likes the show and gets really annoyed when I mock the actors. I yell at the t.v. "I get it... she can make it, she can make it, if we help her SHE CAN MAKE IT!

Tomorrow night is the two hour Season Finale. Watch it and you will see what I am talking about. You might even get annoyed at it. I first noticed it and didn't say anything, but then the more I watched the more I noticed it going on. It's like when you pick out a car because no one else has it, then once you actually have the car you notice there are hundreds of your same car rolling around the city. This is how the dialect of Grey's is. I first noticed one character, which caused a domino effect. Annoying. Enjoy the show.


I actually just found a clip from the show, like literally just found it. So now I have more than just words to prove my point.. Listen to the girl in the wedding dress. Listen to how many times she says "vows"... (It's the very beginning of the clip, so you don't have to look for it)

Click here for Evidence

P.S. Have fun with Grey's tomorrow! Until next time.....

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Amanda said...

I cant believe you dissed my show! I love Greys! Washington has made you a meany! LOL! Just kidding. I have watched it from the beginning and just seemed to stay interested. And yes, they do repeat things, its not just you. I hope things are going well in DC.