Monday, March 8

I Can Feel It Coming in the Air Tonight

Hold on......

We felt it this weekend. The sunshine, the warmer breeze. We have been frigid for a while now. Lo and I are getting anxious, tired, mean, nasty, bitter, hateful, and sick of the cold winter D.C. gave us. I heard, well mostly read on Facebook, the Mississippians complaining about their "cold" weather. Give me a break. Stop. You now have your low 60s/mid 70s, Sunny weather. The warmth we received this weekend was a mere 51 degrees. The way the people of D.C. reacted, you would have thought it was in the 90's. Folks running and playing soccer and Frisbee shirtless. Bikers and Joggers with barely there clothing. Did I mention it was only in the 50s. Back home, that's fleece and fur weather.

Friday, we celebrated the end of one person's life in D.C. at a local eatery. The girls separated and finished with the night at a place called Bobbie Lew's. Saturday, Lo and I had lunch, a disagreement, a reconciliation, and a lovely afternoon at Eastern Market, followed by dinner, wine, and The September Issue. The documentary follows the life of Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, through the process of their most prized issue, September (that was a hard one to figure out, eh?). Once we finished the film, what I perceived A.W. to be was not how I believe she really is. I'm sure everyone has seen The Devil Wears Prada. While I feel Meryl Streep played her character very well, I feel Ms. Wintour's depiction in the movie as a ranting, demanding, and inhumane individual is nothing but an outsider's opinion of a strong, determined, and career-oriented female. A closer look into the documentary, you find Anna Wintour appears this way, only to hide her true self - a very shy person feeling the repercussions of her family's amusement of her job.

While I have always tried to dress well, I was never up-to-date on the latest women's fashion. That is until Lo came along. Since 2004, I can basically tell you what will be hot before its hot. Try me. And if you think the above-the-knee boot was trashy or so last season or just a fad, or never really was stylish, well you are wrong. Its hot for I really?

Oh well, it's part of life. Whenever you find that true love, you learn things you never knew you would. I know how to pronounce designers from Italy, France, Milan, etc. I know what size shoe my wife wears in a boot, a sandal, and a Christian Louboutin. I know why in many clothes, a size 2 is too big and a zero is too small. I know what she hates, what she loves, and what she would die for. Love and To Die are very different. They are.

I will now come off my tirade about Anna Wintour and fashion and move to Sunday. We spent our morning with our Sunday activities of church, the grocery, and lunch. Did you know (of course you didn't), but I'm about to tell you, we got 5 bottles of wine for $18. Not shitty wine, but gooooood wine. Not telling you where. That's my secret. We then took our first jog to the Lincoln Memorial in probably 6 months. My lungs were shocked at the large amounts of fresh air I was inhaling. While I usually can run 3-4 miles in the gym and on a really good day 5 (Lo runs 6 like its nothing), my body was not ready for the outside adventure it got.

That night, the Oscar's. Go Sandra Bullock.

Until Next Time.........

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mother teresa said...

I even got that from the movie, that AW was kind of a sad person and used that personality to cover up her feelings. I'm glad you have become so fashion savvy...maybe you will be able to control your wife in the stores. haha!