Friday, April 30

I Should Be Asleep

And I should be. But I am not. I thought I was tired, but then I just could not fall asleep. After a long day at work, I found myself at the gym, a charity event, and then home eating leftover Chinese food. That, of course, is after filling the tank up with gas. Oh how my Friday nights have changed. I have been without my wife for a few days now and the longer the time is, the more I love her. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. I'm living proof. It is quite amazing how dependent a husband becomes. After years of being the single, solo, ladies man, independent type (I'm referencing friends here), it is astonishing how dependent a guy becomes. I'm not yet two sheets to the wind (sorry Mom:)), but I did enjoy a fine Bourbon this evening. Good ol' Jim Beam. He is good to me.

I finished the evening off watching We are Marshall. You can always count on TNT to give you a tear jerking, heart wrenching, on the edge of your seat kind of Friday night movie. Commercial free of course. More importantly, the movie's soundtrack is pretty amazing. I have a fond attraction to the 60s-70s era of music. I know its hard to believe seeing how my last post was that of the Bieber, but believe me when I say its true. I am a hippie at heart. I get it from my father. A good man, with a free spirit, he has taught me many things in life. Most were not acknowledged upfront, but always appreciated and kept in storage. When I was in high school, we had a conversation post me driving my car into the building adjacent to our house. Until now, I never knew quite what that conversation meant. He said "You can't control the big things in life. It's the little things that shape who you are and can easily be controlled." So true.

With that, I have decided to post two songs that remind me of my father. It doesn't matter where I am, what I am doing, or who I am with, when I hear these songs, I am taken back to the thought of him. P.S. I am not coming too far out of left field here with this post. All thoughts have a similar theme. The movie I just watched was set back in the 70s. My wife used to enjoy the style of the 70s. Hippies loved the 70s. My father loved the 70s; he was a hippie. I love the music from the 70s. There ya go. Good night y'all.

Until Next Time.....

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