Saturday, April 24


Living in D.C., I often reminisce all the great times I had while living in Mississippi. It has been two years since I left the state, and while I know where I am is right for both Lo and I, there is just no place like home. The tornadoes that hit the state today make me very sad, but as I watch on The Weather Channel and online, I know the state will again come together and we will survive. I say we because I mean I still have a MS driver's license and plate, I work for the state, and more importantly, still pay MS taxes. I love the Governor for many reasons, but mainly because of the love he has for the state. People have died, cities have been destroyed, but the love and bond Mississippians have always lasts forever. I overheard a colleague of mine trying to describe to an outsider the feeling of Mississippi. He referred to us a club, not a state. Once in, your love and devotion grows stronger.

To understand the world, you must first understand a place like Mississippi. - William Faulkner

Picture from Yazoo City in the Clarion Ledger

I am about to do more Mississippi things....Drink wine and watch The Blind Side.

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MS Mom said...

Very sweet and heartfelt. Today the Governor has declared a day of prayer for those who lost their lives and for those who lost their possessions. May the Lord watch over them today and always.