Tuesday, July 27

Just Call us Nomads

If you follow me on twitter, facebook or really are in any communication with me, you are aware that Wesley and I are in the middle of the search for an apartment. The internship program Wesley is involved with is ending, which also means that we have to move out of our lovely abode (that we haven’t been paying for….!!!). So needless to say, yall will not see our bright and shining faces flying down as much, if at all, this fall. L Paying rent is going to come as a harsh reality!!

Okay back to being nomads. This is the fifth time is our married life that we have moved. Yes fifth. And no, I did not stutter. We have moved five times, and this time will be the fourth in DC. We are basically expert movers especially since we don’t have any belongings up here besides dishes, glasses, and clothes. This also makes it quite difficult since we are about to move into an empty apartment and we don’t have things like… ummm… a bed… or a couch. This should get interesting. Craigslist, anyone? Apartment shopping in DC is basically like applying for a job. Wesley and I spend every hour after work online looking for places to live. When we first started looking we would just send emails like this:


My husband and I have to move out of our apartment 22 August. Can you send me some more pics of your places? We want to come see the apartment at a good time for you.


Well, this approach didn’t go so well. I would get minimal responses or none at all. I decided I needed to finesse it up… make myself look appealing. So my emails starting looking a little something like this:


I have come across your wonderful apartment on Craigslist and would be interested in seeing it at a time that is good for you. My husband and I are in our mid 20s, both have great jobs with governments and do not have any pets. We are both non-smokers and are very tidy. This place would be super convenient for my husband as he works on the Senate side. I thank you so much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.
Warm Regards,

Lauren Clay

Luckily, this email has gotten us a lot more responses and we have been to see a few places. Now, I am what some people might like to call “high maintenance”, but in terms of apartment shopping I am pretty low key. I don’t care if it is small, but I don’t want a dindgy bathroom, etc. Well, this weekend we found one that I really liked. A basement, but nice lighting… a little on the small side, but still a one bedroom…. And totally redone on the inside. Wonderful! BUT. Now it is like freakin applying for a job. We had to fill out an application and now wait. Wait and see if we are picked out of all the applications to actually get the apartment. There is no, yea yea I will take it! It is… I love it! Now fill out an application and wait in complete agony all the while hoping you aren’t completely homeless in three weeks with nothing but your clothes on your back rolling a tiny suitcase down East Capitol Street trying to find somewhere to call home. A little dramatic, but you know what I mean. So needless to say, we would love your thoughts and prayers that we actually get this apartment! Otherwise we are off on the apartment hunt again. Do you think it helps that I wrote a smiley face on my application next to where I signed my name? Just saying……


mother teresa said...

I'm sure ya'll will get the apartment because I'm certain you were the cutest couple that applied (if that counts!!)

j. rutledge said...

i like your smiley faces. duh. hope you get it friend. i wanna come decorate :)

MS Mom said...

I wish you luck as well since Wesley sounded so excited about the apartment. Wish I could come help you move........miss and love both of you so much. It has been a long time since we saw you at Thanksgiving. :(
{{hugs}} from Mississippi