Thursday, October 28

Another almost the weekend post.

I was just thinking this morning that things have been going pretty well lately. And that I am pretty happy with my life. Here are a few things that are making me happy these days....

- DC in the fall. The weather, the leaves, the outdoor restaurants to drink wine. It is seriously the best time in this city. If you haven't experienced it, you should.

- This blog. This couple lives in DC and actually on Capitol Hill. I might start to stalk them... Shh. Could they be any cuter?!!! If I am half as cute as she is when I am 30 weeks pregnant, I might cry with joy. Check them out and you will want to stalk/be them too.

- Cooking. I really have found a little love of cooking. In high school and college, you would find me as far from the kitchen as humanly possible. But being married for three years has taught me two things (well, not just two... LOTS of things... but this is about cooking, people): 1. Eating out is expensive. 2. Eating out with a man who eats like a garbage disposal in a city that costs an arm and a leg for an appetizer is even more expensive. So to that end, we have really embraced cooking at home. I started off basic and now I have really expanded to all sorts of recipes. I have also been cooking a lot of vegetarian, and adding some meat in there for Wo every once in a while. Now, let's not get crazy. I have just been following recipes. I tried to make something up.... once.... and let's just say I was overly ambitious. I will try to continue adding some of the recipes I have been making to the blog. :)

- Farmer's Markets. This kind of ties in with the above "what makes me happy", but is it weird that I could walk around and stare at produce all day? Don't answer that.

- Boots. Seriously people, I have a problem with buying boots. And why do they have to come out with all these adorable styles? Over the knee, lace up, wedge, ankle, stacked heels, riding boots... the list goes on and on. And I must have them all.

- J.Crew magazines and email. Damn you, J.Crew and your adorably put together outfits and sale emails tempting me to spend my husband's hard earned money on clothes that I don't need. But it still makes me real happy... and sad at the same time. #imbroke

- Twitter. Enough said. It's like publicly accepted word vomit. Who doesn't love a good overshare?
- The thought of the holiday season right around the corner. I am already planning a span of activities for our Thanksgiving trip to Nashville. I am thinking the Boulevard Bolt immediately followed by Bloody Marys? Sounds good to me. Friends and family, can't wait. Then we will be off to Columbus for Christmas and then over to Jackson for Margaret and Peyton's NYE Wedding Ball. :) Fun times ahead.

- And let's be honest.... my birthday is a month away. And don't worry, you won't forget because I will continue to remind you for the next month. My birthday, in turn, means Wesley's birthday which is also real fun. :)

- Three years. And after all the holidays, birthdays, etc. THE wolo three year wedding anniversary is at the end of the tunnel. Can you believe it has been almost three years?! I can't. Wesley can. Sometimes he says he feels like it has been 20 years, but I will take that as a compliment. That just means he can't picture his life without me, right? :) All of this to say that sometimes I look around and remember that I am so lucky to have a loving husband who loves me for exactly who I am. Lately, I have been thinking about this and it makes me, well.... just real real happy. That's all, folks.

love, lo

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mother teresa said...

hmmmm, I think there's another birthday in there somewhere. Just sayin'!!