Thursday, November 18

When You Need a Little Oxford in Your Life

But can not get there due to you residing in the Northeast, there is closer option.

Charlottesville, VA/UVA

If you have not made the trip to this great town, I would urge you place it on your bucket list. A few weeks ago, we were able to make the trip with our good friends Jackson and MVB. They went to school at the University of Virgina, but they also understand the greatness that is Oxford. They have grown to love our town, as we have grown to love theirs. Since living in D.C., we have fortunately been able to hit up the place with relative ease. Just a short 2-hour drive and you have forgotten what is the big city.

Once you arrive to the downtown area of Charlottesville, you feel as if you are right on the square. The people, the atmosphere, the look, everything, resembles Oxford. We have the Lyceum; They have the Rotunda. Its all picture perfect. The major thing that is different: Their IQ's are "just a bit" higher. And maybe their focus. Oh well, us Rebels can't be the best at everything.

On Friday, Jackson, Lo, and I made the trip to Wintergreen. It is a ski resort located outside of Charlottesville. MVB was already there at her parents condo, getting dinner ready for us. It was a low key Friday, with us just sitting around relaxing by the fire, sipping on some red wine. On Saturday, we made the short drive to UVA and stopped at the local World Market, for the best Chicken Salad, with cheddar cheese and roasted bell peppers on a ciabatta bread sandwich you have ever had. We then strolled to the game, where we enjoyed each other's company because that was the only good thing going on at that time.

Post game, we made our way to the downtown area, where we tried the famous steamed dumplings and bar hopped for a bit. As the time drew near to the Bama game, we decided it would be better to head back to Wintergreen. We then thought it would be fun to watch the game at the local ski resort bar. Boy was that an adventure. A fun one though. A quick but fun weekend came to a close. Oh how I love weekends.

Downtown Charlottesville

The Rotunda at UVA

Lo and I with MVB and Jackson at the game. UVA is similar to Ole Miss this year.....they can't seem to find a way to win. Oh well. Still a fun game. They do have a great band.

While it does not fully compare to Oxford, it does give you that a tiny feeling you are there in spirit.

Until Next Time.....

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