Friday, April 15

Glad to Know People Love Us

Don't worry people, I can honestly say that due to my patriotic act of walking into the meeting with President Obama and Majority Leader Reid last week, they were finally able to stop acting like children and agree to the GOP's spending cuts. It was all me. You are welcome.

But because of that and many meetings in the White House and on Capitol Hill, I have been unable to keep your days moving with my highly hilarious blog post. Its okay, the heart grew fonder. I know that.

I am back, but only to thank our dear friends Kayla and Kevin for visiting us. We had so much fun catching up with them, going to dinner, and showing them the beauty of Washington D.C.

Oh wait, that was.....OVER A YEAR AGO.

Yes, that was the last time someone came to visit. Hard to believe, I know? I mean come on people, its not like we leave in Bum-F Egypt. We live in the most powerful city in the world, a place many of you have probably never visited or if have, it was back in 7th grade and all you cared about what was how to get to the mall (not the National Mall).

We have heard all the lame excuses and don't buy them if you are wondering. In a year's time, Lo and I have been back to the South 9 times, so again, your excuses are invalid. There will come a time when we are not living in this city and every single person who didn't come will say "Dang. I/We should have come to D.C. when y'all lived there, but we didn't and we regret that". Umm damn right you should. SO think about that. Note: This blog excludes parents.

Oh and by the way, all forms of transportation get to this city....trains, planes, and automobiles. Boats too.

Anyways, don't worry about us. We are doing just fine. We have a big charity gala tomorrow, which is going to be a lot of fun. Pictures shall come up post event.

Happy Friday and until next time.....


j. rutledge said...

ON MY WAY!!!!!

The Hatchers said...

I'm honored to know we were that last ones to come visit you and therefore we are your last memory of friends from the south visiting you! We would love to come back soon!