Thursday, April 28

That Little Girl of Mine from Tennessee

Since last Saturday, I have been bachelorin it up. That means I call the shots in the household. No compromise. What I says goes. So basically nothing really has changed. HAHAA. Everyone who knows my wife, knows that is not the case.

What does being a bachelor really mean:

It means NOT get up at the ass crack of dawn to be at the gym. Nope, being a bachelor means you get to sleep in until 8:20 to be at work at 9:00.

It means ordering 2 egg rolls, 6 steamed dumplings, and General Tso's chicken... then two nights later returning for another order of steamed dumplings.

It means eating wings two nights in one week.

It means not having to eat pizza with zucchini and squash on it.

It means whatever piece of clothing you take off stays right where it was removed. No clothes hamper mumbo jumbo.

It means toilet seat up.

It means drinking from the milk jug at the coffee table. No glass necessary.

It means throwing everything on the top shelf of the refrigerator because you know there is no one there telling you that doing that drives them crazy.

It means toothpaste lid off.

But the one the being a bachelor means is that it makes you not want to be bachelor. I think when I was actually one back in the day, I had several roommates and not just a cat that doesn't like me. It is amazing who time will do to a person. I even miss her stubbornness, and bossiness, and most importantly, her smile.....I can not wait to pick up that little girl of mine from Tennessee at the airport tomorrow.

I heard this song the other day and immediately thought of Lo.

My Little Girl in Tennessee from Chris Thile & Michael Daves on Vimeo.

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