Tuesday, October 25

it is almost winter.... which can only mean...

we have mice again.

oh and didn't we have an exterminator come three times last year? yes.

and didn't we lay traps and try to warn the rest of the mice family not to mess with us this year? yes.

well, they are back which was evidenced by the hole in the stacy's pita chip bag and the half eaten brazil nuts in my pantry.

good thing we have a live-in exterminator this year................ stay tuned............ #mousewatch2012

1 comment:

MS Mom said...

Go Marlene!!! Earn your keep and get those pesky mice. Maybe she will be like Bella and leave them on your Welcome mat. But that would involve her being an outside cat,which she is not. Oh well, maybe she will find a certain place inside to lay her thank you to you and Wesley for taking care of her.