Tuesday, November 1

happy (belated) halloween

well, better late than never.  time flew by and wesley and I ended up never getting costumes, or buying candy, or carving our pumpkin.  .  so we were those people last night with our gate locked and our lights off hiding from all the kids.  apparently we missed the obama girls trick or treating by our house.  oh well.  we decided to get in the spirit last night and decorate our pumpkins.  we didn't start until 9:00... so this is all I got! 

happy belated halloween!



Marlene as Thackery Binx


MS Mom said...

Cute, cute pumpkins and Marlene's costume was so authentic. I didn't recognize her at first, but I knew exactly who she was dressed up as; I watched Hocus Pocus this weekend. So fun to see the grown up "Thackery Binx" play Special Agent Timothy McGee on NCIS. I hope you are both having a great week.
Love and {{hugs}} from MS.

Emily Ferris said...

Thackery Binx ... love it! and so sad y'all missed the Obama girls! :)