Sunday, January 8

my last thirty years

Over the Christmas break, Lo threw me a danque birthday party in celebration of my last thirty years. She did an amazing job, and everything was wonderful.  I want to thank everyone who came out and celebrated the evening.  I truly am blessed with great friends and family.

May my next thirty years bring more love, laughter, a bigger family, great health, career satisfaction and success, a home in the South, and most of all, a better relationship with God.

A few photographs from the evening:

its got to be you i love

hostess with the mostest


terrace party


family time

oh hello state. how are you way down there?

cigar group pic

its not a party unless there is the cupid shuttle


lo and me


MS Mom said...

Lauren did one heck of a job. Everything was beautiful, food was great but best of all we were able to celebrate with you. This was an important moment for your father and I also. It seems just like yesterday......We love you so! Hope to see you soon.

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