Monday, July 21

Monday Monday

As I sit in my new apartment (if that is what you want to call it), I have always wondered what it would be like to live in a very large city. I have studied in London and Sydney and visited Paris and other large cities, but never actually called a place home, until now. This morning began our first work week in the new home. Yesterday was filled with familiarizing ourselves with the area. Of course the first restaurant we dined at was Mexican. I will have to say that the cheese does not compare to those of Oxford, Columbus, or Nashville, but overall we would give La Loma an A. We then went to Union Station and began our journey to the British Embassy, timing our trip to make sure Lo was on time for her big arrival to the B.E. As we were walking down Massachusetts Ave. NW, otherwise known as Embassy Row, we encounter a riot. Not at hardcore riot, just two groups with different ideas. People waving the Greece flag on one side and the Cyprus flag on the other were yelling at each other about something. Who knows? Lauren and I, being the young Oxfordians we are accustom to, stopped cold turkey and looked at each other. What do we do now? Will they hurt us? Do they even like Americans? Are we not in America? Do we continue? were a few of the questions we talked about. Yes, we were a bit frightened. We decided that they would not hurt us so we ventured on, only to be correct. They did not even notice us pass by. We continued on in our trek until we came to the B.E. We checked out the bus routes and turned around and headed back.

We stopped on our way home at Chinatown and gathered a few things that would make our "home" better. To Lauren, it was a success. New quilt, sheets, rugs, and a little rearranging was all it needed. We ended the night with some Chicago deep dish pizza. Yes, Ellen they were from Chicago. It actually was voted "Best Pizza in DC".

So this morning, we woke up from sleeping in our twin bed. A twin bed! It worked though. We both got a pretty good sleep. Fresh and awake, we parted for Lauren's big day or as I would like to think.....the British Embassy's big day. Our planned time was not accurate at all. We arrived in front of Lo's new work approximately 50 min. ahead of schedule. Note: the buses are rather quick in DC and only stop at the stops if they see people wanting to get on or if you pulled the stop cord. Other than that, they drive on.

I grabbed a couple of coffees at Starbucks in Chinatown this morning and sat and watched all the different people coming in and out. I love to watch people. It relaxes me. I get that from my father. So now I am back in our Apt. searching for banks, grocery stores, and gyms before I head back to meet my beautiful wife after her first day on the job. For now, I am not having good luck on any of the above. Until next time.....

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Pamela said...

Wesley, I am so proud of you and Lauren!! The dynamic duo!! You are a sweet husband to make sure she gets to work ok! Just keep working together and be sure to always be each other's biggest supporter!

You are terribly missed at the Yerby Center especially in Room 2A!! Your ladies in Grenada have already started asking about you!!

Keep us posted on everything!! I really missed getting all the Monday morning gossip from you this morning!!

-Mrs. Starling