Tuesday, July 22

Day Two...

Well, I was planning on writing this great blog about my first day of work, but I honestly was just too tired yesterday! So we're just going to discuss the last two days instead!

I have actually made it... by myself... through the 40 minute Metro and Bus ride all the way to Embassy Row! Work has actually been really great. Everyone is so nice (and the British people are soooo fun to listen to!) and helpful. I know I have A LOT to learn before I am really going to be great at my job, but everyone is willing to help me get through it. I think I am really going to enjoy learning the ins and outs of this position. The best part (haha) about the Embassy is that a Whole Foods is only one block away!! So when it gets cooler (because I PROMISE YOU it is hotter here than it is in TN or MS) everyone says they walk there together during lunch. Another great thing is that there is a Chocolate Bar in the Embassy that has all British sweets!! Fruit Gums and Prawn Cocktail Crisps (potato chips) are my favorite!! The exploration of the Chocolate Shop will continue to be documented....

One thing I notice about DCians (yes i made that up.) is that they walk INCREDIBLY fast. So as I walk to work this morning (of course leisurely but by no means slowly....so of course as not to break a sweat and get greasy in the first 10 minutes i've put my makeup on)... people are FLYING by me like I am a car on 65N going 60MPH instead of 85MPH!!!! I like couldn't even think about keeping up with them. Just flying by me left and right like I am standing still. So after work when I decided I was already so gross it didn't matter, I attempted to keep up the pace with these DCians. What a task indeed. I was basically sprinting! Note to self: Learn to powerwalk no matter where you're going.

Wesley and I have been working on a couple of tasks for the first week including finding a new bank, a grocery, and looking for a gym! We are getting slightly more successful each day. Well, I am soo tired so this is all I have for now. Anyone, that has called me since Sunday and I haven't called them back it's only because I have been too tired to chat and called back and I am actually NOT screening :). I'll call yall back tomorrow!! Miss everyone dearly... Lo

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Mom said...

Sounds like I would fit in with the fast walkers, at least that is what my family has always told me. Lauren, your days will get better as you get familiar with the new routine. You won't be as tired and you will have more energy for the exploring to be done on the weekends. Wesley, hope your apartment searching is going well. Take care of each other!
Love you,
Mom from Mississippi