Sunday, July 27

One Week Anniversary!

So we have made it one week in DC! Well, it actually feels like we've been here for months. I got through my first week of work and it was actually really great! I am finally catching on to everything and really feeling like I am getting stuff done. All the Brits are soo funny. One of the men came up and was talking to me and asked me that since I was from the south, was fried chicken my favorite food.... hmm. I don't even really like fried chicken!! Then he asked me if we fried most foods and what a typical meal was for me. I did tell him about fried mac-and-cheese and corn fritters which he thought were both hilarious. I have been coming home with stories every night to entertain Wesley.

Our first weekend in DC was actually full of adventure!! Well, not that much, but we did get out of the house. Friday night we went to happy hour at this restaurant downtown, per Jackson Brasher's suggestion, called Chef Geoff's. It was really great!! We got cheap drinks and an eight dollar pizza! We were going to go meet one of my co-workers, who is also new, and her husband, but by the time we got home we were so tired and stayed in. Saturday, we got up and roamed around. We went to an area of town called Adams Morgan, which we quickly moved to our never list. Apparently, it is a fun place to go out at night, but during the day it wasn't our favorite part of town. We then went to Chevy Chase, Maryland (which is really only 20 minutes from our house on the red line Metro) and found Saks, Neimans, and Bloomingdale's!!! HEAVEN!!!!! Haha, so we walked around the area and looked at the clothes and then found a little outside patio and got some hummus... yum! So I decided Chevy Chase could be added to my "places I want to move list"... which is actually becoming quite long! Saturday we went to Georgetown with two of our friends from college, Tierney and Michael. We went to Sequoia on the waterfront and had drinks and then went to this restaurant on M Street. It was all really fun and it was GREAT to see people we knew!!!

Today we got out of the city!! We went to Bethesda, Maryland and Tierney and Michael picked us up (because that is where she is from) and we got Mexican and went to the pool and drove around. I also love Virginia!! They're all so close and you can be in one state and then another in a matter of minutes. We then went to the grocery and Michael cooked a fantastic dinner and we hung out at Tierney's house! We actually got to sit on a couch and watch TV (since we don't have one....)!!!!!!!!!!! So overall it was a great day. Wesley and I are going to the new gym we joined tomorrow morning for spin class... so I am off to sleep. Week number two is upon us...........

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