Thursday, July 24

How are people fat in this city?

So I am going on almost a week in the new city and I feel as though I have walked 500 miles! The other day I got turned around and before I knew it, I had walked a good 30 blocks. Needless to say, I should invest in a good pair of walking shoes. If any of you have seen the movie "Working Girl", that is what it looks like in the mornings and afternoons, both men and women. Pretty funny because I think some of the people are wearing the exact shoes that were worn in the movie. I believe that movie was filmed in the 80's. Enough said. So why do I see fat people everywhere? I have to assume that they are tourists, not locals. Most locals use public transportation, therefore, can not be out of shape. Just can't. It's impossible to fathom the existence.

I have also noticed while on the Metro, a subway to those who are unfamiliar with the term, people like to stare. While I love to people watch, I catch myself making eye contact with people, only to quickly look down as if it did not happen. Don't act like I am the only who does this. I'm sure I just called out several people. While most will look the other way, I feel the eyes of the same individual whom I just made the "brief" eye contact with still staring!!! I do not feel I look any different than the person next to me, but obviously I do. Well that shit is not happening anymore. I now wear my sunglasses on the Metro to avoid any strange contacts with the world around me.

Side note: Working Girl is from 1988. Exactly 20 years ago. Time for a new pair of walking shoes. I will have to admit, I am impressed they have kept them that white for 20 years. Anyways.

A couple of days ago, we encountered a very bizarre occurrence. Across the street from our apartment is the Hart Senate Building, which houses all the Senators' offices. Around, 5 ish, police cars, firetrucks, the works, swarm the building and evacuated everyone. My first thought, a bomb. Great first week, bomb threat across from my living quarters. Fortunately, that was not it. Some dumb....... decided his life was stupid and thought he should try and end it there at the Hart building. A suicide attempt! For FIVE hours this man could not decide whether his life was worth it or not. He almost went through with it because they posted up the huge trampoline thing out on the street, along with bringing in the S.W.A.T team. This paragraph will not get gruesome because he decided he should live a little bit longer. Thanks to this man, numerous individuals robbed convenient stores and street carts throughout the city and got away with it because all of the DC law enforcement was circled around this guy. This did not really happen, Lo and I just thought it probably did.

Laundry check, be right back.

I am doing laundry today because we need it, and for those of you wondering, I do have a job. I actually have a meeting set up tomorrow, one Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for work related interests. I am not being a bum.

Another interesting topic that Lo and I have encounter is our grocery shopping. Goodbye to the days where you get in your car, pull up to Kroger, Whole Foods, etc., grab your germ infested cart and make you way down the aisle marking off your list as you go. No more waiting for the little old lady to move to one side so that you can pass, yet you just politely sit there until she has made her choice so you are not rude. No more grabbing a couple of grapes in your buggy as you shop or reading the latest "How I lost 50 lbs. overnight" gossip magazine while you wait for your turn at the checkout. Paper or Plastic? That is over. DC is moving on. We made our first grocery purchase ONLINE last night. Peapod is a online grocery store that delivers to you door....AMAZING! What does this cost you ask? The prices are the same, sometimes cheaper than the "old fashion" kind. They add the specials and discounts to your bill without you having to enter in the codes. Do they have everything? Yes, you can shop by aisle or by brand with everything you need. Seriously. So, our groceries should be arriving between 4 and 6 today. You also get to pick the time you want them delivered. Pretty interesting and I know many of you are jealous, eh?

Well I have rambled on enough for today. Until next time...

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