Thursday, July 31

A Person of Suspicious Interest

As I sit here with Lauren as she watches Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List and catching up on, I came across an incident that occurred in Slidell, Louisiana. An 11-year old boy had his arm bitten off by an 11 foot alligator. That is my biggest fear. Alligators. I hate them. They give me nightmares. They caught the alligator and tried to re-attach the boy's arm, but were unsuccessful. That kid will be scarred for life. Physically and emotionally.

This week has been good. Lauren and I have been getting up and going to the gym. If we have not told you, this gym is sweet. It is located in Chinatown in the old Discovery Channel Museum. They kept the structure the same, so its really cool. The locker rooms are not your normal locker rooms. Cell phones are not allowed and they play Japanese zen music. The showers have these massive shower heads in them. I'm tired of talking about it. You get the point, we think they are really cool. Its a "have to be there moment".

Here is Virtual Tour of Vida Fitness. Check it out.

Monday after work, Lauren and I decided to take a new approach on fitness. Yoga. Well kind of. I was to meet Lauren right before the class started. It was time for the class to start and Lauren was not there. So I decided to go in and get our mats ready for the class. Well the VERY relaxed man that was our teacher decided to start early. There was not a "Hi. I'm your teacher. We will get started in a few". It was "Lie on your back and think of a relaxing thought". Well I did what he said, but could not relax because my wife was not there and it was a really awkward situation for me. So as he is doing one of his poses where his back is to the door, I jump up and run out. There was NO way I was doing Yoga by myself. Another had to be there moment.

Wednesday was a very interesting day. That morning, I met with my trainer who kicked my ass. He put me through a vigorous circuit training program. I swear it was for a professional athlete. But whatever, it was free. After the gym, I decided I would walk back rather than take the Metro. I am cheap and did not feel like spending the money on public transportation......$1.35 to be exact. As I am walking back, I noticed that Capitol Police and Secret Service vehicles were everywhere. Police were walking bomb dogs around every car parked near the Capitol. My tourist side came out and I decided to further look into the situation that was taking place. As I continued my journey home, about 30 motorcycle cops where hanging out on the Capitol lawn. I thought to myself, "Someone very important is in there, I bet its ol' George". I decided to go sit under a tree and read my book and wait until the motorcade left. It is very hot here so sitting in the shade with a nice summer breeze blowing would be quite nice. I could kill three birds with one stone (stop sweating, read my book, and find out whats going on). Note: There are more people around than just me. A few chapters in, these two men came up to me. They were dressed in shorts and t-shirts. Very normal looking. My conversation with them is as follows:

Man #1: How's it going today?
Me: Pause. Pause. Pause. Um. Fine.
Man #1: It's pretty hot out here isn't it?
Me: Yeah it is.
Man #2: So...what are you doing here?
Me: Uh. I just finished working out at the gym and decided I would walk back. I was hot and plus I wanted to see what was going on so I decided to sit under the tree, read my book, and find out.
Man #1: I see. So where do you live?
Me: On Constitution, a few blocks away.
Man #2: Why are you in Washington, D.C.?
Me: My wife and I just moved here for work.
Man #1: Where did you move from?
Me: Mississippi
Man #1: Its hot there too. But here it is hot because you are sitting on a former swamp.
Me: Oh. I did not know that, but yeah its very hot back home.
Man #2: So what do you and your wife do here?
Me: I work for the University of Mississippi and she works for the British Embassy.
Man #1: Okay. Well, you were pointed our by the Secret Service as a person of suspicious interest and we were sent to check you out..
Man #2: (Steps away and says something about me being cleared)
Me: Oh...well do you need to check my bag?
Man #1: No you fine.
Me: Should I leave?
Man #1: No you can stay. Have a good one.

Then they disappear. Literally. So I'm sitting there trying to decide if I should stay or go. I decided that if I left, it would be more suspicious so I stayed and tried to concentrate on reading my book. That did not work. After about 20 minutes, I got up and made my way back to my apt. They watched me the whole time. All the guys on top of the buildings were watching!!!!

Who knew I was a person of suspicious person? And yes, the government is always watching you. Remember that.

Until next time.....


lauren said...

just checked out the work out place. very jealous. it has a salon? love yall!!!

Amanda said...

Wesley...that is too funny! Imagine you...looking suspicious enough to have the secret service questioning you! LOL!