Thursday, August 14

Existential Quarter-Life Crisis

As I was riding the metro yesterday, I overheard two girls chatting in the seat behind me. Lauren always gets mad at me for doing this (listening in on other people's conversations) but in this case, they had no idea I was listening. I was being sly. One of the girls was talking about her existential quarter-life crisis. I will not go into the details of her life, except that she couldn't decide on Harvard or Yale Law School. Hmmmm.....doesn't sound like a crisis to me. After they got off, I ponder at my life. Did I ever go through this? I have heard of a mid-life crisis, but quarter-life? We have barely lived/experienced life and already questioning it. Sounds like a bunch of democrats to me (sorry if you are a friend/democrat). However, I continued to ponder. I have questioned the purpose of my life many times. I'm sure we all have.

Note: None of these questions or thoughts have to do with my wife. She was never questioned at all. She was the reason I never fully experienced my quarter-life crisis. Thanks Lo! You're sweet.

Now that I got that off my chest and will not be in the dog house for this post, I will continue. I would have to say though that recently I have wondered the purpose of my career path. Where would I go? What would I do there? Well D.C. has answered those questions. I started working at Senator Wicker's office today, so Chief of Staff HERE I COME!!! Lucky for me my "existential quarter-life crisis" was brief.

***I just had one of those future moments as I finished that last sentence. I can only imagine what Lauren's will be? Oh goodness. May the Lord give me patience. Good thing I have a few more years to prepare myself. So upon conclusion, I ask you to think back (if that applies to you) and remember your existential quarter-life crisis. However, if you are one of those who have yet to experience this life changing phenomenon, may you achieve rapid success and only go through a minimal amount of insecurities, questions, and pondering concerning your life and its worth.


jordan rutledge said...

okay...really weird that I just blogged about MY existing quarter-life crisis that i've been having...and come to find you writing about it as well! haha. In case you guys didn't see me being somewhat aloof this past weekend...that is why. i'm having mine now.

jordan rutledge said...

PS nice pictures...i was wondering when you were going to start adding graphics you guys....GEEZ.