Tuesday, August 12

Its Been A While........

Greetings. Can you believe we have been away for almost a month? Time is passing by us at a fast pace. We just got back from a weekend in Nashville. It was short, but fun. After a we waited for over an hour to leave from Baltimore, we finally arrived in Nashville. We headed to Brentwood via Andrew Galbierz and got ready for the Big Green Egg. As always, it was a success. We dined outside because as all of you know; the weather was amazing.

Saturday morning, to Lo's dismay, we woke up early. It was going to be a busy day so we needed to shine. We went to the grocery store and gathered the items needed for our brunch. Candace "Kramer" Shelton, Charles Plunkett (Kramer's boyfriend) and Erin Johnson joined us for brunch on the porch. The menu consisted of letter-shaped pancakes, a variety of fruits, biscuits, and of course Bloody Mary's. It was a fun time to catch up with friends.

Saturday evening we got ready for the event that had finally arrived, Jefferson & Eve's wedding. There is nothing like a Brentwood wedding and this one wasn't any different. Sunday, we went to brunch for Lauren's father's birthday at Germantown Cafe. The food was great as always, but they need to enhance their sub par Bloody Mary's. After brunch, we headed to the airport, only to wait almost two hours before taking off.

All in all the weekend was fun. Lauren will be posting her thoughts on some of the activities that the WoLo clan has participated in since we last wrote to everyone. She even has a few surprises for everyone. Hope all is well with everyone.

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