Sunday, August 17

Home Sweet Home............. kinda.

For all of you who haven't seen our lovely abode here in the District, I have attached a couple pictures for your enjoyment. Miraculously, we haven't hated it too much and actually haven't killed each other! Haha, kidding... but it is VERY TIGHT quarters. We like to say optimistically that we're glad it's small because it has forced us to get out of the indoors and get outside and explore our city. It is only temporary though, and we're actually moving one week from today!!!! Yay. Wesley says our new place is much bigger and we are going to have room for a couch. It's amazing how you understand how important a great couch is after you don't have one for a month. Tear.... big red comfy couch. Anyway, here are the unbelievable pictures. Look next week for picture of our new place!

(YEP. That's it. The whole thing. Love it.)

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