Sunday, August 17

Eastern Market

Saturday, Wesley and I found our new favorite thing in DC. Eastern Market!!! Eastern Market is here on the Hill where we live and is about 3.5 blocks away from our apartment. It is an open air market where all the local farmers and artists come on Saturdays and Sundays and set up tents on 7th Street. Local seafood, meat, cheese, produce, and art work is lining the street on both sides. So basically, it's just like the fruit stands I love in Mississippi, but even better!!! There is an indoor section which is shown here in the picture (I didn't actually take this one; I got it on the internet). Inside here there is every kind of fresh seafood and meat you can think of. Wesley and I found our favorite stand... the cheese stand!! It a local, family owned business called Bower's Dairy and if you stand there they just let you try all their cheese. SO GREAT. We tried a few and of course had to buy some. Gouda w/Parmesan. Fantastic. This is definitely going to be something we'll be going to every weekend. Check it out at They also have local artists who have paintings and sketches of DC. You know I had to get something. Good thing Wesley is sweet! I got this painting. It is of Penn Ave where Wesley and I always eat w/the Capitol right behind it. Love it.

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