Sunday, August 17

Screen on the Green

Okay, I am back in action after a short break due to my Olympics obsession. Now that I am back I will have to catch yall up on some things. This might taken multiples postings since I haven't made it back in a while.

First of all, I just finished my fourth week at work! I am really enjoying it and loving the fast paced busy schedule of working at the Embassy. Cheers!

One of the fun (and free!) things Wesley and I have discovered about the District is Screen on the Green. We actually only got here for the last two showings, but it is still fun. They set up a huge screen on the National Mall and everyone comes after work and brings their blankets and food/wine and sit out and watch the movie!!! We saw The Apartment and the original Superman. I will go ahead and admit that, as I do enjoy watching the actual movie, I even more enjoy the whole process of it! I loved getting our food & wine together and packing our dinner in our makeshift picnic basket and sitting out and reading our books until the movie starts. With that being said, I am always ready to go home about 20 minutes into the movie. Oh well, typical I know.

Last time we went Wesley had me a great surprise! Wesley is in charge of getting all the food together. He told me on the way that he had me a surprise.... when we sat down he pulled out A SAUSAGE AND CHEESE PLATE!!!!!!!! Homemade and so YOMMY! I hadn't had one in a month and I was so excited! Needless to say we ate the whole cheese block... we miss Taylor Grocery. :(

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