Wednesday, September 24

The Best Husband in the Weurllldddd

Well, I am going to start off by saying I am a huge b*tch. The following story will acknowledge this fact.

For the past week I have been begging Wesley to buy me the Sex & the City DVD the day it came out, which was yesterday. Wesley kept telling me we could get it this weekend since we wouldn't have time to watch it anyway. Having accepted (not completely happy about it...), but accepting this fact, I figured I could just get the movie during the weekend.

After going to WT&Y last night for dinner (ie. Wings, Thangs & Yuenglangs... for those of you out of the loop), we got home and Wesley needed to hop in the shower. He asked me if I could get some things together for the next day which included getting the Netflix movie out of the DVD player and putting it in the package to send back. After shrugging it off like I would do it later, Wesley asked again if I would just do it right now and get it over with. Being the huge b*itch that I am, I snap back to him to back off and I'll do it later. I proceed to storm to the DVD player open it up................................ AND THE SEX & THE CITY DVD IS IN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally hit the floor out of excitement and look up at Wesley who is giving me the, "I bet you wish you hadn't been such a big bia about it huh" look. Not only did he get me the DVD... but the EXTENDED VERSION with extra dvd interviews!!!!! So exciting - and he even stayed up and watched it with me.

So there. I have the best husband in the weurld. Night night. :)


MS Mom said...

As far as your comment "I have the best husband, ever!" YOU ARE WELCOME!!!!!!!!! :) :)
Mississippi Mom and Dad

Anna said...

I laughed so hard when I read typical. P.S. You may have the best husband but I have the best boyfriend. I got a text during The Dutchess tonight with Jordan that Andrew got a last minute flight and will be in nyc TOMORROW until Wednesday. Of course I cried and totally goobed Joey out. Oh well. I am buying the dvd as soon as I get some doolers. Enjoy yours. LOVE YOU

jordan rutledge said...

the above comment is completely true...ANDREW IS NOW A SOFTY. but at least he'll be here for my bday...whoop whoop.

jordan rutledge said...

p.s. i love wosssy too...sweeet boy

mother teresa said...

You need to quit being such a bia!! Sorry Wesley, I didn't do a better job. There are just some things out of my control!!!