Monday, September 22

The Cat is BACK!!

Well, after a long stint away from my computer I am back. I know I have become a sorry excuse for a blogger, but since according to all of yall... Wesley is "soooo funny!" "Wesley is the best blogger!"... "He writes the funniest stuff!!" You know what. I've about had it. About the throw in my towel on being a blogger and leave the blogging to the "funny one" in the relationship. Geeez. Someone love ME the most!!!! Hahaa.... Now that I have gotten that off my chest....

Last week I had the great opportunity to head to the Big Apple and go to Coterie (also known as fashion market) for Cicada!! Mae and I ventured to the City for four days straight and looked at clothes, clothes, and MORE clothes. NOT that I am complaining - yall know I can never get enough of looking at clothes. We even went shopping a couple of days AFTER the show! I had so much fun and love that I already know what's coming for spring (not to mention I've already ordered my whole wardrobe.... don't well Worsch!) I got to see a lot of the designers that design the clothes that I wear all the time. I also saw WHITNEY FROM THE HILLS!!!! I completely freaked out and started having a panic attack. She was SO TALL and SKINNY, but so pretty. It was awesome. I also got to hang out with Jordan, Elizabeth and Anna almost every night! It was so much fun getting to see them and their cute apartments, and getting to hang out in their city!

Friday, like Wesley mentioned in his previous post, we drove to Knoxville for the UT vs Florida game. We laid low at night, but got a great dinner with my parents on Friday night and then spent the day at Davis's house aka Animal House. We also all went to the game, but we know how that ended....... oh well. We still had fun!!!! The weekend was a lot of fun and we were glad we got hang out with my parents, brother, and friends. Gotta love SEC football.

Busy week ahead.... trying to catch up on the loads of work I missed last week. I'm back to my boy now........... until next time.


MS Mom said...

I know Wesley is happy to have you home. Don't let anyone fool you, you do a great job on the blog too. I am glad you had a safe trip to NY and to TN. I just enjoy hearing about your everyday lives in the Nation's Capital! Have a great week!
Love ya,
MS Mom

jordan rutledge said...

loey...come back to NYC. THHHHHANKS.