Sunday, September 7

We May Not Win Every Game, but We Never Lose a Party..

Greetings everyone. It has been a few days since we last spoke. Much has happened during the past few days. Our new place is in the final stages of having the WoLo touch added to it. Pictures will soon be posted. Below this, you have seen the before images. In the days to come you will be able to view the after shots. A few days ago, we were able to fly to Nashville, have dinner with both sets of parents and drive the rest of our belongings to D.C. Needless to say, it was fast, productive, and memorable. We enjoy every minute we have with the rents!!

Last Saturday, our friends were able to begin a new era of Ole Miss football with Houston Nutt. The Groove tent, from what I heard, was everything is was expected to be and more. Well Lo and I were unable to attend. We were very sad. Very. We decided that if we couldn't make it to the Grove, we would bring the Grove to us. Yesterday, as Hurricane Hannah made its way through D.C., we gathered the things that were a must in the Grove, and headed home to get ready. After showering and getting our clothes together, I settled down in "the Grove" at 323 Maryland. I must stop and point out that Lo asked me if the dress, yes dress, she picked out was "dressy" enough!!! Nothing has changed. Our good friend, who just moved here, "IV", came over and we watched the Ole Miss game.

I will have to say the saying is true. We may not win every game, but we never lose a party. The DC Grove was a huge success. I was very impressed with the football team. When, in recent years, has Ole Miss lost and still scored 28 points?!? Quoting Obama (which is something I never do, because I don't like him) "This is a change we can believe in". PS. That is the first and LAST time I will quote him.

So GO Rebs. This should be an interesting and fun season.

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Mom said...

Sounds like you had a great time-Hotty Toddy DC!! I was worn out from watching the game but enjoyed it. Take away the 15 yard penalty at the end and we have a win. But they are such an improved team. I just have one question, Did Lauren really wear a dress?
Much love to both of you and have a great week.
Mississippi Mom