Wednesday, September 17

When the cat's away......

The mouse will do nothing. I have been a bachelor since Sunday and I have to tell you, I do not like it. Back in the day, I thoroughly enjoyed the single life. Not so much anymore. Don't get me wrong, IV tried to patch the hole that was missing. He did a fabulous job, but it just wasn't the same.

My first night as a pseudo single man. I say single, because Webster defines the term as "not accompanied by another or others; solitary". That is what I am, single. Sunday afternoon, after watching Lo head off to the big apple, I managed to get lost in the city looking for the new grocery store. I prevailed by using what I know best here, public transportation. (**As I was typing the word "transportation" the guy on t.v. said the word, weird. ) Monday began another work week. I always shave on Sunday night before the week begins. I decided not to this time and opted to shave Monday morning. It was amazing for me. A close shave without the irritated redness we all know as razor burn.

Monday- work. That actually is about all that happened in my life that day. It is amazing that I have worked at Senator Wicker's office now for 5 weeks. I went to bed early that night. Oh yeah, I picked up my dry cleaning. I get to live in that world now. I kind of like it.

Tuesday- Recently in my work at the Senator's office, I have had the privilege of dealing with issues that hit home (i.e. natural disasters, gas prices, immigration, the economy, etc.). I have learned a lot and will continue to do so. I have particularly dealt with the topic of natural disasters, especially in post-hurricane times. Without getting into detail, it is very interesting.

I walked out of my office yesterday and guess who I saw. Hillary Clinton. I have found how to tell when she is in her office, but I will not reveal that due to this post being on the World Wide Web. Tuesday was definitely my day to see the important people. Bob Corker, a TN Senator, and I have apparently the same schedule because everywhere I went, I saw him. A honorable thing, seeing how most of my time was spent running errands, therefore, I assume he runs his own errands. ha.

If anyone ever needs a tour of our Nation's Capitol, come to me. I can do it with my eyes closed. I am that good. While on an unexpected tour Tuesday, I ran into Ryan Lochte. For those of you who are thinking to your self "How do I know that name?" Let me tell you. He won 5 medals in the Beijing Olympics. Swimming, if you are still wondering. He helped Michael Phelps do his thing. Post work, IV and I went to Wings, Things, and Yuenglings. I have record setting 8 weeks in a row; IV-3. Going strong. Post-adventure, I went to the gym to kill time.

Today- Another day at work, nothing special. I cooked dinner and had a couple of glasses of red wine. Early bed for me because luckily tomorrow is a big day. My girl is coming back. Believe you me I will feel a bit of normalcy once she has returned.

This weekend we are headed out of town. KNOXVILLE, TN. We are going to visit Davis, see Lauren's parents, and watch Tennessee and Florida. Should be an exciting time. Well I am off. I successfully spilled a candle onto the carpet, the bed, the computer, basically everything. Not so much my fault as I didnt actually knock over the candle. But seeing how its between me and the candle and hes not talking, I lose.

Until next time......


MS Mom said...

It's never fun being away from those you love. At least Lauren had a good time and had a safe trip. I am glad that you had a great weekend with your Nashville Family and made it back to D.C. safely. Have a great week! We love you both!
MS Mom and Dad

Kelley said...

I'm very impressed... 8 weeks! I never made it that long