Wednesday, November 5

A gloomy day in the district

The weather has been miserable here for the past couple of days. A sign to come? Lets hope not. The sun is trying to break through, hopefully giving us a glimpse of something promising. While I did not vote for Obama, I pray he will do what is best for our country, without changing the principles and beliefs it was founded on. The country has spoken. We now will have to wait and see if this "change" will occur.

A good thing has come out of this election in that every person, black or white, male or female, can now aspire to be the leader of the best country in the world. For that I am proud.

If at anytime you get discouraged, pull out a paper bill ($1, $5, $10, etc.), turn it to the back and read underneath The United States of America. That is what we have going for us. THAT can not be taxed, THAT can not be taken from us and given to another. It is ours to hold forever.


MS Mom said...

Congrats on Wicker staying in office.
The "Wicker Stickers" paid off, I just wish we had found some. Maybe this will help open another door for you. YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mother teresa said...

I admire your patriotism. We should all follow your lead. The first thing your father-in-law said this morning before he got out of bed was "The sun REALLY DID rise this morning." haha!

donna manning said...

Wesley and Lauren,
I have been following your blog since Jenny located it. I enjoy hearing about D.C. (I'm jealous!), and it's good to see you both doing so well and enjoying life.

Keep posting. I really enjoy hearing first hand about our nation's capital and its' southern residents.

Donna Manning

jordan rutledge said...