Thursday, November 13

Live from Federal City….. Its WOLO time…

Greetings and good evening, it is C coming at ya from your nation’s capitol. I want to first apologize on the lengthy delay since we last spoke. Due to the overwhelming air time that was the Election, we unfortunately were postponed. But that shit is over and we are back in action. No more interruptions. We promise. Tonight’s topic: Paradise City.

Many of my drunken 80’s swaps (sorry mother) were filled dancing and singing at the top of my lungs to this popular song by Guns n Roses. Looking back, how ironic was it that I was singing about the same place I spent many of my best years in life. Yes my friends, I am talking about Oxford. C & I were able to return to Paradise City Halloween weekend.

Upon arrival, Oxford was more blissful than imaginable. Picturesque foliage, crisp Fall temperatures, and a buzzing SEC town on a football weekend was just what we needed. We began Friday with a Halloween Shower for our friends Amanda & Gunn. Amazing would the best description of that night. C will tell you more about that in another segment. Saturday, we headed to The Grove and celebrated the day with my parents, friends, and an Ole Miss victory. Ladies and Gentlemen, that was a great day.

I will not get into specific details of the weekend, because it would take forever (literally) for me to fully describe every aspect of the intense enjoyment that filled my blood those 72 hours. Just know that all those who made it possible, we love you.

*** For those you who are wondering who & what C is. That's a secret that I'll never tell. Until next time....

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